Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where to start... goes. Ive always wanted to be a surrogate...and by surrogate I mean, Ive always wanted to carry a child for someone else. Sound weird? I don't think so, but then again, Ive always known Ive wanted to do it...even before I had kids of my own.

I never thought I would actually be a surrogate because, well, I never knew how to pursue it and thought that putting an add on Craigslist or something was crazy. I figured, if it happened, it happened. If the opportunity came, I would see where it went. Never did I actually think, it would be a possibility....until now.

A few months ago, this lady (I'll call her by her first initial M) came into the store I work in (ironically, a baby store). She was a cancer survivor who was having twins through a surrogate. We got to talking and she was over the moon when I told her that I had always wanted to be a surrogate and that I admired her surrogate. She gave me this huge hug and asked if she could pass on my info to a friend...a 2 time cancer survivor who was looking into the possibility of surrogacy. I gave her my seldom used "junk" email (you know, the one you use when you sign up for stuff)...not thinking anything would come of it. Fast forward 4 months and I actually check the email...and low and behold, there is an email from A sent shortly after I met M...shes wondering if I'm still interested in being a surrogate! I was THRILLED!!! I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I might just have received an email from a potential intended parents, who might want me...ME to carry a baby for her. CRAZY!!!

So this brings me to why I'm starting this blog. Ive kind of always wanted to write a blog, but with no real purpose I figured it was a waste of my time (who wants to hear about a boring mom of 3 kids) but now, I have a purpose. I wanted to start this blog as a way of keeping friends, family and most of all, the intended parents, up on the happenings of this journey. If A and D and my hubby and I go on this adventure together, then it will be something to share with their child someday. It may not happen...but if it does, then I will continue to write about how things go. I seems so weird, strange and surreal all at the same time.

Tonight I talked with A and we were both so nervous on the do you strike up a conversation with someone who might carry your child or whom you might carry a child for? What do you say?!What do you talk about!? But we made it through the first phone call and decided to meet in 2 weeks. It just so happened that my timing in emailing them back couldn't have been better by the way....they have a meeting with the fertility clinic this Saturday!!! Wow! It could actually happen!!! She sounds so nice and her husband seems really happy too! I had sent her a picture of me and my family and she sent me a picture of her and her husband. 

Anyhow, I am just beside myself right now...thinking that possibly in a few months time, I could be carrying a baby for another couple, who after having cancer, was left unable to get pregnant herself. I could be growing someone else's baby inside my womb, nurturing, loving and caring for him/her until he or she is ready to come out and meet his or her parents. I look forward to sharing my journey and hope people will read this not because they think I'm weird or f-d up but because they want to learn about this journey too. So please, if you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself....this could some day be read by this child and should be a positive thing! Thanks for sharing my journey! I hope you enjoy.