Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So last night was a fun evening. We had our East Guider Appreciation Dinner and Awards night and it was fantastic. It was a Royal Affair and thus, we donned tiaras, crowns, white gloves and bling bling.  My Co-Commissioner and I made our own facinators that even Princess' Beatrice and Eugene would have been jealous of LOL. The evening was filled with GREAT food, great conversation and great company...followed up by some incredible awards to some very deserving women. My district had 3 guiders awarded medals of merit and since I am on the awards committee, I read them out. The first one I read out, was to my co-commissioner so I started to get emotional, but had to compose myself (can I still blame this on pregnancy hormones?) The other two were much easier. But I was definitely glad when it was over and I didnt have to read anymore lol.
Anyhow...congrats to everyone that received awards! Everyone was more then deserving and it was awesome to see them awarded!!!

Me....yes...I can fit my pre pregnancy "formal" Guiding uniform!!!
My Co-Commissioner Melani and I...shes sporting her new medal of merit!!!
Dig our facinators complete with Trefoils!

Hopefully they dont mind, but A and D have been posting pics on a blog and so I stole this one to share of Hazel. How cute is she!!!?? Just want to eat her up!! Shes apparently 10lbs now so definitely growing!
Hazel striking a pose!

So Ive been trying to figure out what else to put in my blog, because really, its kinda boring now that I dont have my journey to talk about. I think it going to really turn into a mix mash of different things, but one think I think is important to post is all the different recipes and food Ive been makeing (thank you Pinterest for so many great ideas!!!) are a couple things Ive made recently, and how I made them!!!

Asiago Crusted Pork Chop and Twice Baked Broccoli Potatos
4 (4 ounce) boneless center-cut loin pork chops
1 egg white, lightly beaten
1/2 c. panko (Japanese breadcrumbs)
1/2 c. grated Asiago cheese
1/4 t. salt
1/4 t. black pepper
2 T. extra-virgin olive oil
4 lemon wedges
2 tsp chopped fresh thyme
Trim pork of any fat. Place between 2 sheets of plastic wrap and pound (using a meat mallet, rolling pin, or small heavy skillet) to about 1/4 inch thickness. 
Separate egg white from the yolk and place in a shallow dish. In another shallow dish combine panko, cheese, salt, and pepper. Dip pork in egg white and then dredge in the panko mixture, pressing down to coat evenly. 
Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Careful place pork into the skillet and  cook 3 - 4 minutes on each side or until lightly golden (if you are using a meat thermometer to check for doneness the pork should reach an internal temperature of 160-170 degrees Fahrenheit)Remove pork to a plate or serving platter. 
Squeeze 1 lemon wedge over each pork chop and sprinkle with chopped thyme. 

Beef Wellington

Ok...this will be vague lol But I literally seared and seasoned a roast (make sure its a longer one rather then thin and tall). Set aside to cool a bit.
Sautee up some mushrooms and onions. Cool. While thats cooling, make up a standard pastry dough (I use a pie dough) or unwrap/prepare an already made one. 
Once cooled, lay out a long peice of saran wrap. Place bacon strip on wrap, enough to go around the roast. Top the bacon with the mushroom/onion mixture. Place roast on top of that and roll up in the saran. Place in fridge for about 10 min.
Beef Wellington

Roll out dough into a large square (enough to go around your roast). Unwrap the roast and place on top of the pastry. Roll up, tucking in the ends. Brush the entire thing with eggwash and do some criss crosses or slashes on the top.

Bake until the pastry is done...takes about an hour.
I serve with roasted potatos and carrots and a side salad...but really, whatever you want is good!

Mexican Manicotti

This was soooooo good!!!
I used ground turkey, cooked it up in the fry pan and added some red and yellow peppers and onions and taco seasoning. Then I turned down the heat and added in a block of cream cheese. Let it melt down, stiring it here and there to encorperate it. Allow it to cool a bit before stuffing the noodles.

Meanwhile, cook in a large pot the manicotti noodles. Once they are done, spread out on the counter/cutting board to keep from sticking together and allow them to cool. Once cooled, stuff them with them with the meat mixture.

Put a layer of salsa on the bottom of a baking dish. Top the salsa with the stuffed manicotti. Top the manicotti with enchalada sauce. Place in a 350* oven, covered in foil,  for half an hour. Remove foil, and top with cheddar cheese and put back in oven until cheese is melted and bubbly. 
Serve with additional salsa, sour cream and guacemoli if you wish! I threw on a side of taco chips! This was a big hit...even my picky 3 year old ate it!!

I look at these pictures and have to laugh. All the plates are different. Keep in mind, many meals I make, are at my neighbors house as Miles and I look after their son and I cook dinner there most nights. They have two different kinds of plates and then we have ours.
This is it for now. I take pictures of lots of things I make so Ill post more!!

Friday, March 9, 2012


I am soooo excited!!! So a month ago, I applied for a job and had an interview and even completed their tests. I knew I wouldnt hear anything back till the end of the month, but when the 7th came,I thought I must not have gotten it. But, at about 2:30 on wednesday, I got the call and was offered the position!!! I am so super stoked!!! This is such a great opportunity for my family and Im ho happy. Its scary at the same time, because for the last 7 years, I have worked for the same place. A place that, even though Ive had ups and downs (who doesnt in their place of work) I love what I do at the store and its so weird to think that I wont work there any more. Its crazy. One of my favorite couples with their 8 month old baby, were in the store tonight, and I told them that come Friday of next week, I will no longer work there and I actually got teary eyed! We exchanged numbers too which was cool. I think I will for sure give her a call and go for coffee or somthing. Their daughter is just adorable too....all smiles. It was sweet.

So this job is a great thing for us. More hours, at more pay means more money coming into the house which means so many other things for us. Im excited by it, and just hope I dont screw up. I also hope not to gain weight lol I will be sitting at this job where, at my current jobs, I sling boxes of strollers and carseats and get up and down ladders...and install carseats. Do you think my new co-workers would notice (and laugh at me or think Im a weirdo) if I stood up every hour and stretched or ran on the spot? What if I started using an abmaster? lol Maybe I should wait a while to start acting crazy.

Couple shout outs....thanks Gail for letting me know of the job and passing my name along. Mucho appreciated my sister wife! lol
And fellow blogger Jeni over here Who is always so supportive and kind! Thanks for the comments in my last rock!

Here are some pictures from a day out with my daughter, my neighbor Gail and her son (my son from another mum) Liam


I love how Juli looks in this pic.

Juju and Liam

Just a beautiful waterfall. The rocks looked very cool with the big  craters

The 4 of us!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Random thoughts lol

Well this weekend was a whirlwind. We had a celebration of life for my cousin on Saturday...and it was beautiful. So many people came to celebrate Jeramy and his life and to be there for his parents and young daughter. My cousin was just 24 when he was killed a couple weeks ago in a car accident. But we will help keep his memory alive and make sure his daughter knows the kind of man her daddy was, and how much he affected everyones lives.

Ive had some mixed emotions lately, regarding my journey. Not mixed as in negative or I wish I hadnt done it cause that is faaaaaaaar from true. But Im just coming to terms with where my life is now and how my relationship with A and D will be going forward. Now that I am not pumping, there isnt really any reason to see them so Im just trying to get used to not texting them or bugging them....even though I would love to talk to them every few days lol. A came into my store with the babe a week and a half ago. 2 of my co-workers had been dying to see her so I asked her to come in and she did, which was nice. But I think the visits and contact will be very little from here on out...its just what I am sensing. Maybe its just me and my internalizing once again...but I think space is likely needed for them so Im going to respect that (even though they have not said anything to me about it.) So...Ive made a conscious decision to not text or email, and just let them lead the way. The only thing I was hoping was that they would have a baby shower for her and I could come but I dont know if they are even doing that, and if they do, if Ill be invited. I would really hope so...I want to see her showered with love and support as every new mom should get....but I just dont know. Anyhow, Im rambling...its just the randomness that goes on in my head. I find myself looking at  pictures from my journey almost every night before I go to that weird?? I just cant help it! Im so proud of it and it gives me the warm fuzzies to look at them! I go to sleep in a very happy place :) I so badly want to do it again soon too...does THAT make me crazy?!?! lol I know Im not the only surrogate who feel like that immedietly after a journey. But..I gotta wait until A and D are ready again. I just hope its not forever cause I want to do it again after, at least once!!! Ughhhhhhh my mind needs to shut down..I gotta hit the hay...too many late nights...but just needed to write and see what came out my finger tips lol