Friday, March 9, 2012


I am soooo excited!!! So a month ago, I applied for a job and had an interview and even completed their tests. I knew I wouldnt hear anything back till the end of the month, but when the 7th came,I thought I must not have gotten it. But, at about 2:30 on wednesday, I got the call and was offered the position!!! I am so super stoked!!! This is such a great opportunity for my family and Im ho happy. Its scary at the same time, because for the last 7 years, I have worked for the same place. A place that, even though Ive had ups and downs (who doesnt in their place of work) I love what I do at the store and its so weird to think that I wont work there any more. Its crazy. One of my favorite couples with their 8 month old baby, were in the store tonight, and I told them that come Friday of next week, I will no longer work there and I actually got teary eyed! We exchanged numbers too which was cool. I think I will for sure give her a call and go for coffee or somthing. Their daughter is just adorable too....all smiles. It was sweet.

So this job is a great thing for us. More hours, at more pay means more money coming into the house which means so many other things for us. Im excited by it, and just hope I dont screw up. I also hope not to gain weight lol I will be sitting at this job where, at my current jobs, I sling boxes of strollers and carseats and get up and down ladders...and install carseats. Do you think my new co-workers would notice (and laugh at me or think Im a weirdo) if I stood up every hour and stretched or ran on the spot? What if I started using an abmaster? lol Maybe I should wait a while to start acting crazy.

Couple shout outs....thanks Gail for letting me know of the job and passing my name along. Mucho appreciated my sister wife! lol
And fellow blogger Jeni over here Who is always so supportive and kind! Thanks for the comments in my last rock!

Here are some pictures from a day out with my daughter, my neighbor Gail and her son (my son from another mum) Liam


I love how Juli looks in this pic.

Juju and Liam

Just a beautiful waterfall. The rocks looked very cool with the big  craters

The 4 of us!


Jeni said...

1) Me thinks Juli looks like a future Girl Guide!

2) Huge congrats on the new job!

3) Thanks for the shout out. It's my pleasure to be able to share in all of the moments.

Doug and Bill said...

Hopefully you can give out more baby tips because we are super happy with the Uppababy Vista stroller tip you gave us a while back. It's all ready for our little girl...and WE LOVE IT! Thank you and good luck with the new job. You'll be FINE!