Wednesday, September 21, 2011

25 weeks!

Thats right...only 15 weeks to go!!! Its very exciting!!! I got good video of baby girl moving around to send to her mom and dad and they seem to have liked it!! Apparently her cousin has named the baby Bunnyhop and while she thinks that this will be the babys name (which I think is so sweet), it has definitely stuck as a nickname. So, I call her Bunnyhop when I talk to her and tell her how much her mommy and daddy love her, and when I ask her to move for the camera and stuff (and times when I need her to calm the heck down lol she moves A LOT!!!)
A and D have recorded some stories so that I can play them for Bunnyhop on the Belly Buds. I love this idea as it lets baby hear her mommy and daddy when its usually several weeks before she gets to "hear" them in person. Theres only two recordings so far so I just put them on repeat (hope she doesnt get tired of them lol)...its about 10 min of pure mom and dad goodness!!! She moves lots when I play the buds so I think she likes to hear them talk to her...Im sure she can feel how much they love her....and I make sure to remind her all the time.

Every day I feel more and more blessed to be carrying this little one for such a great couple. People ask me how I will feel when I come home without a baby (Im sure all surros get this question all the time). Im sure there are days were Ill be a bit sad, missing the movements and stuff (I am human after all)...but I can honestly say, I cant wait to see this little girl where she belongs, in her mommys arms. I can only imagine the joy on A and D's faces when they see her for the first time...and get to touch and cuddle and kiss her. Ive looked forward to this for so long and I just feel so lucky and honored that I get to do this for them. Couldnt have asked for a more amazing journey.

Anyhow, here is some vid of baby Bunnyhop moving around!! Its a long video, but has lots of movement and shows just active she is every night.

25 weeks

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

24 weeks...only 16 weeks left!

Sorry I havent posted in forever...but no news is good news right?

Baby girl is doing well! She moves A LOT! Even the midwife at the last appointment said shes very active for this age. While using the doppler on me, she was kicking it so hard it was moving the doppler lol.
I put the belly buds on most nights and let the baby hear some stories told by her mommy and daddy and she likes that too.

Miles and I went on a little vacay to Tofino and stayed at a couples only inn right in a little cove. It was wonderful to be able to spend some time with each other and to not have to hear "Mommy" every 30 seconds. Dont get me wrong...I love my kids. But after 8 years of not having any time together, it was nice to have a break away from the everyday and enjoy some us time. We went bear watching and had the most amazing crab for dinner one night and some fresh smoked salmon jerky. Went for some great walks through rainforest and on the beach. Needless to say, we had a great time.
Here are some pics!

On a walk through the rainforest.

Miles and I on the beach

Didnt have an updated pic, but this is from 21 3 weeks ago! Im only a little bigger now.