Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gettin a belly

Its mostly my existing fat being pushed out by my overstretched uterus lol But, its there. Maternity pants are a must at this point and I look like Im about 5 months along, when Im only 14 weeks at this point hahaha.
Not a whole heck of a lot to update. On Monday we had a midwife appointment and heard the baby for the first time on the doppler. Hazel loved hearing her baby brother or sisters was so cute, she kepts replaying the recording A had done for D, since he couldnt be there. Afterwards, we went for lunch at our regular place, White Spot (because they are really family friendly and Hazel can get away with being Hazel there lol). It was a fun morning...I always enjoy my time with them!

10ish weeks

11 weeks

12 weeks

Just a few days ago at lunch :)