Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm a terrible blogger lol

Yep....I suck. But really, I've had nothing to talk about! I don't want to bore people with random shit lol

From what I gather, we are still on for a possible Fall start to a sibling for Hazel. I am really looking forward to it and hope hope hope that this is a reality!! I don't talk to A and D much. I know they are busy with life. There was a time where not having a text or email from them, really bothered me. But as time has gone on, that has gotten a lot easier to handle. I find myself realizing after 3 months, that I haven't heard from them or had an update. Does it still sting a bit? Sure. But I just remember that I know that they still love and appreciate me helping them bring Hazel into the world and that as much as I don't have regular communication with them, I'm still important to them. Its become a lot easier.

When I entered into surrogacy, I didn't think it mattered to me whether I carried for a straight or gay couple...but I've come to realize, that I really want to help a gay couple to achieve their dream of being parents. I've read/seen so many amazing journeys through blogs and other things that have come up on FB and met several intended dads and I've just come to realize that helping a gay couple is what I truly want to do. I feel its important that the world sees that just because they are two men in love, doesn't meant they don't deserve to have a family!!! Love has no boundaries (something else I'm REALLY learning...that is for another post in itself... read up on Polyamory...eek...yes we can get more into that later lol) and its not for anyone to judge. Just because they don't have the "right" anatomy for baby making, doesn't mean they should lose out on the ability to be parents. And Ill argue this with anyone!!! I really hope that when the sibling journey is done, Ill still be healthy enough to carry again cause I know some great couples that need me!!!

I am in awe of a few of my surro sisters, who have been able to carry a few times. One in particular...Jenn. She is amazing, in my eyes. She is currently carrying twins for her IPs, who she already carried a baby boy for at the same time that I was pregnant with Hazel (we gave birth within days of each other). This is not just her second time either! Shes carried two others before working with this couple!!! I really am in awe of her. I have not had the chance to meet her in person, as she lives on the other side of Canada but I will get to Ontario one of these days and meet my favorite surro sister!!!

I know I'm all over the place here...sorry about that! Been a while since I wrote and so I'm not really in the groove yet lol

If you haven't heard of it already, there is a great group doing great things in terms of spreading the word on Surrogacy.Check out:  Surrogacy Together  They are hosting different events all over the US with a big bash happening in San Diego in August. I'm SUPPOSED to be attending the one in Seattle, but may not be able to. See, my dad had a heart attack in April. He ended up requiring open heart surgery and while he is doing really well now, hes still not really able to drive (that and his car is unreliable). My cousin is getting married in Alberta and will be having a shower here in BC so I am supposed to take my dad to it. While I really want my dad to go, I REALLY want to go to this Surrogacy event. In fact, I'm considering saying that I cant go to the shower...but I HATE disappointing my dad!!! Especially since I know hes going stir crazy being at home!! Anyhow, back to Surrogacy Together. These guys are great! Spreading the word on surrogacy...bringing people together to educate and excite people on this amazing way of building families! I'm currently awaiting my Surrogacy Together tattoos so I can join the photo campaign!!! Check it out! Like it on Facebook!!!

Also another quick shout out to this amazing surro and photographer. Shes recently posted about a beautiful birth she photographed...of an IM who caught her baby! Brings back so many emotions, remembering seeing A catch Hazel.  All I can say....AMAZING!!!

Anyhow, hope everyone is doing well! Ill try to post more (I think I've said that before). I love reading up on every ones lives and see all the beautiful babies who are now growing into toddlers!