Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sad and happy post

A few days ago, a young girl killed herself. Yes, thats what I am starting this post off with. This girl Amanada, had posted, just days earlier, a video about her story. How one day she made a dumb mistake and ended up getting bullied over it...moving schools...cutting...very tragic. She then killed herself and her death is all over the news and people are still saying horrible things...and other people are saying they would have helped her if they knew. Honestly, I find the whole thing f-d. I cant even explain it because I am having a hard time articulating myself properly. But I am beyond sad for what this young girl went through.
Madison has had some issues with people, since getting and iPod. We made her buy it with her own money (a used one, so not so expensive) and it it monitored by us. There are strict rules surrounding it. I look at it whenever I want and I know the passwords to accounts. I really do believe that we as parents, NEED to do this. Ive heard some people say "its an invasion of privacy" but you know what, thats crap. Internet and electronic usage, is a privilege, not a right. And there are responsibilities surround having them. While Madison is very responsible, and I have found her to be mostly respectful on chat or kik or Instagram, but sometimes comments are made from other kids, and on occasion her, that make me worry about an escalation into bullying. Sometimes comments are so snarky and rude, it makes me wonder, why these kids are even friends sometimes! Every second day, so and so did this and so and so said that...they hide behind these things and dont talk to their friends in person whey they have a problem. Ive tried many times to explain to Madison what can happen if shes not careful. Then this girls video came out. I decided to show it to Madison. At the end, I said  "Do you know what happened to her? She killed herself. And do you know where? Right here in our home town." Maddie was shocked. She cried. I said to her she needs to remember how something so small, can turn into something so bad. She said she would never think to kill herself. I said to her that Im sure Amanda wasnt born into this world thinking "Someday Im going to kill myself" Harsh? Maybe...but she needed it. She just didnt see how these comments, and remarks and simple photos, could go so bad.
Please parents...please do yourself and your child a favor. Monitor their actions on social media and messaging. Dont just pay attention to what your kids are doing but to the things other kids are saying to them and on their pictures.  WAY to many kids are going unmonitored (I know most of my daughters friends parents dont do this) and this is causing problems. I dont think many parents realize just how rude their children can be on these things....and maybe they are not even intending to be rude, but when you cant see or hear emotion, it can be taken as rude...and unless WE as their parents monitor it, we can not educate them on the RIGHT way to deal with things...such as, you have a problem with someone, talk to them about it...dont hide behind the electronic. It is NOT an invasion of privacy...and having these things are a privilege, NOT a right. Please please please....monitor your childrens on line activities!!! YOU are the parent and have EVERY right to know EVERYTHING they are doing. for the happy!
We got a kitten tonight! Totally surprised the kids! They had NO idea!!  He is sooooooo cute!! We haven't fully decided on a name yet, because Juli is at Grandmas house tonight and doesn't even know we got a kitty!! lol But Miles and I think Chewy is cute (yes, as in Chewbacca) and the older two seem to like it! Of course we have our Tasha dog but we have missed having a cat, and Im so looking forward to seeing what this little guy grows up to look and act like. So far hes spunky but also chill. Here are pictures of our little guy!