Saturday, December 15, 2012

Almost a year!!!

Yes...."The Hiz" is almost a year old. A YEAR!!!!!! Where does time go? I cannot believe that in 2 weeks, she will be one year will be one year since I delivered a baby into the arms of her will be one year since I made someones dream come true by becoming a year since I made my own dream come true of becoming a surrogate.

On her birthday, Ill post again, a year in pictures maybe. But for now I just wanted to post an update since its been so long.

A month ago today, I went over and had yet another amazing visit with Hazel and A. D was working late so I only got a short visit with him when he got home. But I got to spend a good 6 hours playing and cuddling with her. I brought my youngest with me on that day and the two of them played together so nicely. I got lots of pictures and lots of snuggles and shared good conversation with A. It was such a nice visit. She was walking while holding onto furniture and she said Hi and momma and dadda while I was there. She is soooooo damn cute!

We brought with us some toys...she liked chewing on them lol

She loved my phone too

Nice and clean after her bath! More cuddles

Anyhow...its almost Christmas so I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I hope those of you still following me have a wonderful holiday filled with love, laughter and family. I hope those IPs out there still looking for a surrogate get their wish this Christmas and that all those surros out there who are cycling or pregnant have an amazing holiday and a healthy, easy pregnancy. Ill update on Hazels bday with a year in photos!

Went to Grouse Mountain for their Peak of Christmas events. Couldnt help but get a pic of the girls.

View from the peak!

Madison decorating the tree

Braelyn decorating