Friday, December 30, 2011

Shes here!!!

Well...the threat of induction was all little Bunnyhop needed to hear, because she decided to make her own way into the world without the induction!!!

So like I said in my previous post, I had a sweep in the morning. Well, I think it did the trick!!! Late in the evening, I started feeling crampy so I went to bed "early" at midnight...knowing I likely wouldnt sleep long before I was awake again (Im a late owl so midnight is early for me). Around 1am I woke up feeling like, ok, yah, Im in labor. Around 2:30 I got up and couldnt go back to sleep. I texted A and D and let them know that we were in labor and not to rush, but they should make their way out here. They arrived close to 4am. At around 6:30, the contractions were close together enough to call the midwife (Susan) again and see what we should do...and it was decided we would head to the hospital to be checked. We got there just after 7 and I was only 4cm dilated, but the waters were bulging in the cervix. She could rupture them to get things going, but I decided lets just hold off the 2 hours and see how it goes. Susan was now officially on holidays and Sylvia took over. I was super happy because Sylvia delivered Juli and I love her!

So after two hours I was checked again, and still 4-5 but she had moved down quite a bit. I knew that laying around wasnt going to do anything so I walked the halls a bit...and the contractions were coming really steadily and harder and stronger.Things started to really pick up and the pain was getting to the point where I knew, it was close. I started with my "Im almost there" sounds that everyone who has seen me birth, knows all to well! lol
So...Sylvia checked me again and sure enough I was fully dilated with a bit of a lip and the waters were bulging big time. The best way to get her out...break those waters, although I was welcome to wait. But at that point I literally said "Well lets get the f-ing show on the road then...break it!" So, she did and with the next contraction, I felt the urge to push. I could feel her RIGHT there. I should add, that there was ALOT of water. I mean ALOT! I could feel it puddled around me and I soaked my socks. Sylvia told A to come closer and get ready to catch her baby. I was holding onto Miles for dear life while hes trying to snap pictures (at my request). A was prepared to see head crowning and the slowish arrival, but I (and Bunnyhop) had other plans. I was ready to get her out!!!And she was ready to come out. One good push and I yelled "Here she comes!!!!" cause I could feel her head coming out and Sylvia telling me to stop but it was too late! I felt down and at 10:49am I could feel the rest of her body sliding out of me!!! And after her, a geyser of fluid. There was SOOOOOO much fluid! Everyone said it was like she came out the end of a waterslide, like literally. A was soaked...her jeans were totally wet! She shot out like a rocket lol. Her mom caught her and held her to her which point I finally looked down and opened my eyes and saw the most amazing sight. A looking at me and grinning ear to ear...everyone crying...and little Bunnyhop being snuggled skin to skin with her momma. The nurse goes to hands me the scissors and asks if I want to cut the cord, but I was like "no no! thats her daddys job" and she gave the scissors to D who cut his babes lifeline to me.  She wasnt crying or anything. Just wide eyed and looking around.

After a few minutes snuggles, they went over to the warmer and got her measurements and weight. She was 7lbs 3oz (A had just guessed she would be 7lbs 4 oz so that was a pretty good guess!!!) and 20"long. They gave her her K shot and she let out the most pathetic little wail...the loudest she got the entire time we were there. She was just so calm.The new mom took her shirt off and they bundled babe and her up together in a warm blanket and they had some good skin to skin time together. Soon after, daddy finally got to have some skin to skin as well. Then, it was my turn to hold her. I had just finished being stitched up and was all settled into my nice ice maxi pad and mesh panties...oh the mesh panties!!! lol  It was so surreal to hold this baby who had been growing inside me for the last 10 months. She was just amazing!! Absolutely beautiful!!! What was really cool, is while they were examining the placenta, it was discovered to be a 2 lobe (I think thats what she called it) placenta. It had a main part and then like an off shoot. When held up, it looked like a heart!!!! How cool is that!!!!
I snuggled with her a bit before giving her up to her waiting grandma. Next thing you know, there is a room FULL of people. Soooo many people came at the same time! All of Bunnyhops family came to see her. It was amazing to see all that love for her!!!As if I didnt know that doing this was just the right, perfect thing to do...seeing all that love for someone only an hour old just solidified that feeling.

Miles, my mom and my best friend Erin went out and got me meal (especially after being offered hospital Sheppards Pie yuck). And people came and went. We spent several hours in the labor room, hanging out and holding babe. After eating, Miles went home to get the girls so they could come and see the baby. All three were just in love with her. Madison and Braelyn each held her...Juli was enthralled with her. It was very very cute. After my dad arrived and my parents left, I got ready to go home. A and D took Bunnyhop to their room on the maternity ward down the hall while I got ready and after, my little family and I made our way down to their room to say goodbye. The girls huddled around her bassinette...just in love with her and I got my last cuddle before leaving. She was wide awake and alert. She is just so beautiful! Things got emotional again as I was leaving. Her parents thanked me again for doing this, we all cried, again. And I left the hospital with my little family, feeling really good, happy and filled with joy and love.

I feel soooo incredibly blessed to have been able to do this. Seeing the look on A's face when she had her baby in her arms, was incredible. It was what I was waiting for this whole journey. I thought lots throughout this journey about what it would be like when she came and was handed to her parents. I never once cried at the thought of "giving her away" (as some people put it) but often did at the thought of seeing her being held by her mom. There was a time when she didnt know if she would even live to have children and now, here she is, a mom. And seeing her hold her baby girl for the first time was just the most amazing thing ever.

Well...its been a long day and Im pretty tired. to bed I go now. Thanks for all the warm wishes I have received! I hope you enjoy my birth story of baby bunnyhop...also known now as Hazel.

My dad said I look like an add for Vancouver Tents and Tarps lol Thanks dad!

Right here....THIS is what I was waiting for!!! That look!!!

All of us!

My girls and I and little Bunnyhop that they also loved for the last 10 months!

Miles holding her!

Isnt she beautiful!!!She was scratching her face so her momma put some socks on her hands lol

Last cuddles before going home!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Induction tomorrow!

Well...I went to the weekly midwife appointment last night and my BP was up high so I was asked to come back this morning and have it checked again.....still high. So she did a quick sweep and stretch and off I went to the hospital for NST and bloodwork.

Midwife consulted with OB who said we should induce as the BP wont get better, it will only get worse so to lessen the chances of further complications, the decision was made to induce using Cervadil. When, was the question. My bloodwork showed everything for the most part was normal. Platelets were at 135 and normal is 150 so they were a bit low but everything else was fine. After 4 hours of being at the hospital, the OB had left it up to the nursing staff to determine if we should do it now, or wait until the morning (depending on staffing, people in labor etc). They decided to wait until the morning when they have 5 nurses on. So...I will call tomorrow morning around 7:30....and unless they had a bus load of people come in, Ill be going in at 8am for the induction. However...I kinda dont think Ill need it. Hours later, Im feeling more painful contractions, that are not like the braxton hicks Ive been getting. I think the sweep did what it was supposed to do. Ive lost my plug (well I lost some of it yesturday and the rest today) and Im thinking that things are moving. My IPs are sitting on the edge of their seat, waiting for news!!!

So...the  next posting you see from me, will be of the birth story!!! Fingers crossed and ELVS to me!! lol

Saturday, December 24, 2011

No news lol

Sill pregnant! She was welcome to come up until, shes not welcome to come until after boxing day lol. In a way I'm kinda happy she didn't come yesterday after all, since today I have a butt load of thing to do to get ready for Christmas. Although all the housework I'm doing, could put me in labor lol Lets hope not! I would like to be home tomorrow, enjoying breakfast with my hubby, kids and parents, opening up gifts, and lounging until we have to venture out to my aunts place for dinner. Usually we have Christmas dinner here at our place, but my aunt is having it at her place this year so that I don't have to being that I'm hugely preggers!!!

Getting lots of braxton hicks, and she has definitely moved down further. I walked into work yesterday and a co-workers jaw dropped to the ground...she had never seen anyone drop so much. Imagine if she had seen me the night before (she had the night before off) cause I actually dropped more over night and even those that I worked with both days were like, yah, you've dropped more since yesterday lol. My boss has me on the schedule next week. Im assuming I wont be there lol but Ill keep working until I cant.

Anyhow....just wanted to quickly update since Im sure a couple people might want to know lol I am still in fact pregnant and looking forward to having Christmas with my family and not in the hospital!

From my family to yours, I hope you all have a really wonderful Christmas and Blessed Yule filled with love, family and magical moments!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Madison, Juli and Braelyn

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

38 weeks and counting!

So we are 38 weeks and still pregnant lol. We told miss bunnyhop that she needs to come on the 23rd....and if she doesnt come then, then she has to wait until the 26th or 27th lol

And there are a few reasons why the 23rd would work. A) Its not Christmas!!! B) Hopefully this would mean I would be in labor on the Thursday, which means Im done work lol C) The midwife we would like to deliver is on call D) A will have her work finished up for the holidays and D will have finished his job and doesnt start his new one until 10 days him 10 days to be at home with momma and babe! and E) since they are done work, they can be packed and ready at A's parents which is much closer to me then where they live. So....hopefully she heard  her momma and I telling her to come on Friday!!! Lets just say, that I will be doing what I can between now and then, to get things started (aka: spicy food, walking walking and walking....and a romp or 2 in the sack with the hubby lol)

We had our midwife appointment tonight and my BP was holding steady at where it has been. The midwife said it looks like for now, this is my new normal so we are content to just wait....geesh, kinda feels like the classic surrogacy "hurry up and wait" phase again!!! lol Ive gained 1 pound this week, putting my total weight gain at 21lbs and while babe measured 38 last week shes measuring 38 this week and I know her head is down further cause sitting down sometime requires spreading my legs more lol so shes definitely measuring fine.Still moving like she was 10 weeks ago so thats good (well, good in the sense that shes healthy, bad in the sense that she does it more when I have braxton hicks contractions making things VERY tight lol). Speaking of these BH....I never had them with my own pregnancies so its so weird having them this time! My belly gets so tight and then its like babe says "wait a minute! Your crampin my style here uterus!" and she proceeds to push her ass out so Im lopsided (since she likes to lay on one side). Since this happens so frequently, Im sure I have a bit of a bruised rib lol Little bugger!

Anyhow...since there is nothing new to report Ill leave you with some pictures a friend of my took. Hopefully A and D dont read this (I actually have not asked if they do, but they have never mentioned it) cause Im framing one as a Christmas present to them!!

Oh and on a final note....amazing fellow surrogate Jeni has started a Facebook page dedicated to being "a place where people can learn, gain support and share about all the beautiful ways families are created". Like her page! 

I think this is my favorite!

I have this in black and white too and will be framing it

Love this photo!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Still pregnant! lol

Yep...tomorrow will be 37 weeks and Bunnyhop and I are still hanging out together. I am coming down with a cold now which really pisses me off because the last thing I want at this point, is a cold. Really! I mean, the whole pregnancy, not sick at all...and now, right at the end, when I could go into labor ANY time, I get a cold?!?! WTF?! Seriously?! Not cool mother nature!!! Not cool at all!!!  I could handle getting sick if it were not for the sore throat. Thats really the worst. Bunnyhops mom is also sick so maybe its the universe making us in tune with each other lol

Other then that, how am I feeling? Pretty good for the most part. Tired of course, and ready for this little one to make her debut. I feel ready. I picked up some cinnamon cramp tea to be brewed for when Ive delivered (it helped so much last time with the cramping pain) and have been thinking about the things I want to take to the hospital. While my plan has been to labor at home for a while (like a long while lol) I think Ill end up in the hospital earlier since I cant imagine people in my house right now in the state it is in lol. Ive had the nesting feeling, but none of the energy to actually do any cleaning and god knows my kids and hubby dont do much (unless I freak out and I dont have the energy for that either). So since I see myself being in the hospital longer, I would like to get a bag together to make things more comfortable. I think Ill get that together tomorrow so that its ready for Tuesday, in case my BP is up and I end up being induced. I feel like she could come anytime, but since I keep thinking shes not going to make it till Christmas, shes probably going to be late if Im not induced lol Lets hope not. While I know her mom and dad would like a little more time, what a precious Christmas gift it would be if she came before and got to be with her family for the holidays?!!

Tonight I had my work Christmas party and we were to wear our best ugly Christmas sweater. It was a blast! I didnt win any prizes but I think I had a pretty good sweater! Hope you like the pictures!

Kids decorating the tree

Me and my ugly sweater! (There are snowflakes on it too)

37 week HUGE belly!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well...36 weeks and lots to report

So...we are 36 weeks and had our midwife appointment today. As I have been suspecting, my blood pressure was up...144/92....since 140/90 is the "magic number" for diagnosing hypertension, there was some concern. After our midwife appointment, we were actually heading to the hospital to meet with the hospital staff/nurses/manager/social worker to go over the logistics of a surrogate birth (this will be the first one at our hospital). Since they dont diagnose hypertension with just one high reading, my midwife wanted the other midwife to test my BP again when we met at the hospital.

There were 8 of us together in a little room to discuss things. We felt pretty good leaving there after having had a tour of the whole ward, having all our questions asked and being put at ease that they want to make sure that the experience is what we are looking for. Overall, I would say we were very pleased with how the meeting went. After the meeting we went and tested my urine again (it was fine in the morning...but had trace of protein this time) and test my BP which thankfully came down to where it has been sitting at.

So...for now, we wait. Last week I did have a dizzy spell and headache and went to see the midwife to make sure things were ok and they were so she was fine waiting until todays appointment. Since we are meeting weekly now, unless I get any other symptoms, we will wait until next week and see where we are. If at next weeks appointment, my BP is high again, I will be sent for bloodwork and have my liver and kidney function tested. If things are abnormal, they will consult with an OB who will then decide what we should do next...likely, induction. So...this baby could really come any time now. Ive been feeling lately that we wont make it until Christmas and I think todays events kinda just solidified what I have been thinking for a while.

Well...thats it for now! I have to upload a couple pics so when I do, Ill post them! Keep your fingers crossed that we can keep this baby Bunnyhop in my belly for at least another week, preferably 2!!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

35 weeks tomorrow

Nothing really new to report...but its getting really exciting to be so close to the end. Ive had a very emotional last few days. I dont know if its just my hormones playing games with me, but it just seemed like everything came crashing down. An issue at work started it and I had a total meltdown while at work...then it continued yesturday when simple things like hitting every single red light on the way home, not finding what I was looking for at the store and then coming back out to my car only to not be able to get in because my key fob wouldnt work (also an immobilizer so even if I unlocked it, I wouldnt be able to start the car) taking me even longer to get home (I still hit every red light the rest of the way...and ended up having to stop for gas in the pissing down rain). I was so frustrated after such a loooooooooong (and I mean long...worked 6 hours, felt like 15) day at work. My feet hurt, I was hungry and with the emotions still running high from what happened the day before at work, I was spent. I just started bawling, again, as I was driving. Then thinking to myself, I am so stupid. This is nothing! Why are you crying?!! You are so dumb!!! Which then made me feel even worse. Ugh.
Pregnancy hormones?? I dont know...probably. Maybe its the impending end thats making me feel like this. I know that in just a few short weeks, I will no longer be pregnant. I know that contact with my IPs will likely be not as much as it was before, as they get used to their new life with their baby....bonding with her and not wanting me around to screw that up. I was always clear that I would love to continue a relationship after and I know that will happen to a degree, but probably not as much as I would like to have and I think that might have something to do with the way Im feeling. Its coming to an end it feels like. For the past year, its been all about this baby and bringing her into the world...who am I after? What am I after? Just a mom....just a wife. No longer a longer will I have a specific and important task. I wouldnt even mind starting another journey soon, but Ive committed to my IPs for a sibling in a couple years, and I dont want to jeopardize that by doing another one and then either having difficulties and not being able to be a surro again after, or by having difficulties conceiving for the next couple and then taking so long that my current IPs are ready and Im already in a journey with someone else. So...I wait...which is fine. Im happy to do so because I really really like my IPs. I think they are fantastic people and so deserving of this little girl. I hope that we have formed a life long bond between our families.
I think that after the sibling project, I would really like to carry for a gay couple. Ive seen so many blogs, and stories of amazing journeys and actually had a couple guys come into my work recently who are having a baby via surrogacy and just talking to them and the way they see the journey, is just amazing to me and I think I would like to be a part of that for a gay couple myself (not sure how others would see that but fuck em lol). After that, I would likely be done my baby carrying days lol I will likely be around 33 with the next one...then lets say 35. So I think that I should be done lol. I know...seems weird that Im even thinking about all that, but I am.
I would have to say that I always knew being a surrogate would be a pretty amazing journey. I knew I would love it. I was right. It is amazing. Its been such a great experience and I want to experience it again. But I wont put my life or my kids life in jeopardy to do it. So while I have a "plan", plans (like birth plans lol) dont always go as written so I guess I just wait and see.

Sorry for my ramblings...Ive had a lot floating in my head and heart...and I guess I just needed to get it out my fingertips....even if it makes no sense!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

34 weeks

Holy smokes! 34 weeks!!! Its amazing that just 1 year ago, my IPs and I met...and here we are, 6 weeks from having a baby!!!

I am feeling ok. Tired (but thats been about the theme of this pregnancy) and sore still with the sciatic pain.. She is sitting right on my pelvic bone and so when she has the hiccups, I feel it all through my pelvic and butt area lol. Its a little annoying lol. She does like to press her butt up into my ribs and so I get a little short of breath when she does that...I find myself then trying to push her back down lol

Little Bunnyhop is still stubborn as heck! Her mom and dad still have not felt her move (of course, as soon as I got home, she got all active). BUT at our midwife appointment today, the student midwife was nice enough to show them how baby was laying, by getting them to feel around my belly like she was to check position. She showed them where her bum was and they could clearly feel that and all the way along her back. I thought it was cool of her to do that. And she did move a little under her mommys hands but very little. I am measuring 34 so right on target, and I have only gained 19 lbs since the beginning of this journey...I think thats pretty good since I gained 25 in my last 2 pregnancies!!! My urine was good, but with trace amounts of protein and my blood pressure, which I had been worried about, the midwife was comfortable with at 118/80. Its been fluctuating up and down so she wasnt worried about it and had no concerns which is good...and will likely put me more at ease.  Dec 6 we go for an appointment at the hospital to go over things....the rooming situation, what happens in the event of a c-section etc. Im feeling pretty good so far about how things will go. Of course, we dont know how labor will progress, but Im really hoping to labor at home for a good deal of time, then head to the hospital...leaving enough time for their family to come but also to not be stuck there all the live long day (I hate those hospital beds). Next appointment is also on the 6th, where Ill have my Group B swab...fingers crossed its negative (my other three pregnancies were) as I would really like NOT to be hooked up to IV for antibiotics.

Anyhow...heres a video of her moving around last week...and my 34 week belly pic!!! I sent the video
to her mom and dad....they thought it was crazy!

34 week belly

Friday, November 18, 2011

Normally not a whiner...

....but today I gotta.
So for the first time in any pregnancy, I have totally messed up my sciatic so Im dealing with a great deal of lower back pain right now. Im fine if I dont have to stand for hours, but when Im at work, and on my feet, it tweaks here and there. Then I woke up this morning, and my levator scapulae is bugging me now too, which goes from behind my shoulder blade, right up into my neck and base of skull which then gives me a nasty headache. I wake up every night with my arm asleep from having to sleep on my right side (I am a tummy sleeper) and I cant fall asleep on my left or my back so pretty much Im screwed. I have to lay on my back for a while, wait for my arm to wake up again, then get back on my right side. On top of all that, Ive been waking up almost every night with leg cramps, and last night was no exception. My right leg wanted to cramp so bad, I kept waking up RIGHT as it was starting (good because then I could stop it before it fully cramped...bad because it still woke me up about 6 times.

I soooooo wished that maternity leave benefits paid better then 55% of your income, cause with a shitty income such as mine (hubby is the bread winner lol) I will make very VERY little and I need to wait until closer to due date and for my recovery to take that time off. Ugh....for the first time, I actually dont know how Ill make it to the end.

Pity party over...for now. lol

Monday, November 7, 2011

8 weeks left!!

First off, I want to give a huge shout out to Jeni, a fellow surro blogger, whos blog I probably enjoy the most of all the ones I follow (not that everyones isnt great, but Jeni has a way with words which keeps her blog always interesting, and funny). Anyhow, she just made daddies out of two awesome guys by giving birth to boy girl twins yesturday. So CONGRATS Jeni, Farid and George on the birth of the Gustavo and Milena!! I cant wait to see more pictures of them!!!!

Anyhow....Im 32 weeks! Crazy!

Shes moving around like crazy still. I think she still has lots of room so shes taking advantage!!! Feeling pretty good, but worried about my blood pressure still. Its not that its really THAT high, but it is higher then normal so Im worried about pre-e and then having to go through induction or somthing. I feel really strongly that intervention leads to more intervention and I would like to avoid an induction which could end up leading to c-section. I just dont want that. Ive started taking calcium mag in hopes to help with the bp but I think its kinda too late really. Anyhow...heres my 32 week pic! At last appointment I had only gained 10lbs...I might have gained a couple more, but not much.

On another 10 year old daughter was chosen as the LEAD in the school play/choir concert!!! I am so excite for her!!! What a proud mommy moment for sure!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

31 weeks and Samhain

Tonight is Samhain (or Halloween) and the night when the veil between the living world and the dead is at its thinnest. Im thinking lots about those loved ones lost and hoping they are enjoying coming in and out of "our" world. We took the kids trick or treating and they had a blast! Maddie was a Zombie and Braelyn was a Mummy and Juli was a Lion. Juli did pretty well last year, but this year, she REALLY got it! She was sooooo cute...saying trick or treat and thank you at every door. She wanted to take her candy bucket with her to bed so I put a flashlight into it to light it from the inside and put it beside her bed. Braelyn was so tired by the time we got back, she was BEGGING to go to bed lol. When we got back home, we watched as our neighbour lit off some fireworks and then put the kids to bed (after getting all that makeup off their face).Maddie could have been up all night lol
Cupcakes I made for our Guide unir

My Mummy, Zombie and Lion

Juli my little lion

Maddie my Zombie...complete with maggoty face!

Braelyn my Mummy

Our pumpkins

THE mother load 

On another note...I am 31 weeks today!!! I cant believe how close we are to the end. Im still feeling pretty good, but always concerned about my blood pressure. Im sure its fine...but I am so afraid of getting pre-eclampsia and I think about it it too much I think. I need to take a picture this week for sure, but everytime I think about it, I am in my pjs with no bra on lol NOT what anyone wants to see lol  Bunnyhop is moving around lots as usual, and I think shes figured out that she has more room then shes been utilizing cause rather then all the movements being felt way down low, I can still feel the head down low, but the feet kicking the top area below my ribcage (in fact, tonight she had her feet IN my ribcage lol). The heartburn is something I can honestly say I will not miss after this little one comes. Ive just purchased my 4th bottle of liquid Gaviscon (2 in a month!) It works well, but I keep getting it after almost every meal...or snack. 9 weeks to go!!! Of course, Im hoping just 8! Im still dreaming of that Guinness on New Years!!!

Oh!!! I am also 3 weeks free of biting my nails!!! Ive bitten my nails for about 25 years so to have nails that I can paint, is amazing!!! Never been able to paint my nails before!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

29 weeks read right. 29 weeks! Amazing!!!
Not much new to report! Still feeling good. Have only gained 10lbs so far so Im happy!!! Midwife wasnt concerned at all with my blood work so thats good too! My blood pressure has been fine, but a little high for ME personally (Ive never had an issue with bp so its weird that its higher then normal for me). Now Im harsh paranoid about it and take my bp all the time. Its still within normal range, just high for me is all. Im sure my paranoia doesnt help lol

Have gone to 2 hypnotherapy sessions and listening to a hypnosis cd on nail biting for the past week and Im pleased to say, I am 9 days free of nail biting!!! This is amazing for me since I have been biting for at least the last 26 years!!! Its a terrible habit and I hate it so Im very happy that I have been sticking with it!! I have white tips!!! Crazy!!! And as I type, I can feel my nails!!! lol

Anyhow, like I said, not much to report. I do have a pic for this week, but its on my phone and my cord is no where near me to upload it lol My laptop is totally screwed and Im using hubbys computer anyway until I get a new one in a couple weeks time. Ill try and post a 30 week pic!!! 30 weeks!!!!I cant believe I just said that!!!

Oh and on one last note...congrats to all the other surros that just had babies, are nearing the end of pregnancy and to all the IP's that either just became parents, are about to become parents or just found out they will be parents!!! So excited for all of you!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

28 weeks tomorrow

I can't believe that tomorrow we will be 28 weeks!!! How crazy is that!!! Its amazing how this time last year, A and D and I were about to connect with each other for the first time. Its just happened so quick. A year ago, I had no idea that I was going to be on this amazing journey and with such a great couple to boot. I think this really has been the perfect surrogacy situation, for me anyway. I don't think that I could have asked for a better situation really. 

So I went for the gestational diabetes test and I passed...but just barely! It said normal range was under 7.9....I came in at 7.6!!! Wow...could I get any closer? I had some other off numbers too. My white blood count was just slightly elevated (by about 3 points) and where it was off was in the neurophils. I looked it up to see what that could mean (don't get me wrong...I am not worried about it. Ill talk to the midwife on Tuesday about it, but I'm not worried since its so slightly elevated) and it could mean stress, that Im coming down with something...or eclampsia. I'm not worried about it being eclampsia since my blood pressure has been normal and there hasn't been any protein in my urine so I'm going to contribute it to stress. With Guiding stuff taking a lot of my time, and lack of work (= money not coming in as it once did) I would say stress would be a good bet. 

So...Tuesday we have our midwife appointment but before that, Ill be participating in a hypnotherapy session. Kinda cool. I will be going to three over the next few weeks and my mom says its extremely relaxing so I'm looking forward to it. 

Anyhow, here is a 27 week picture...for anyone who is still reading this! lol Not many comments as of late so I don't know who's actually reading up on here! Ill take another pic this week...not that I've grown much more! Hope you like my new layout!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

27 weeks and a wonderful day!

Today was such a great day! Well, it started off super shitty (literally!) My dog got into garbage and proceeded to shit all over my carpet outside my bedroom door. It stank so bad and at 6:40am I had to clean up diarrhea at an ungodly hour. Ugh. got better thank goodness.

I parked my car at my parents place, and took the Skytrain downtown and went to the Tacofino truck. OMG....Tacofino is insanely good. A food truck in Tofino, that opened up in Vancouver as well. They actually have two trucks and it just so happens that the burrito truck is 2 blocks from where D catches the bus home from work. So, I met up with D after he was done work and we bused back to A and D's place where we hung out until A came home from work. Then we made our way to the ultrasound clinic to see baby Bunnyhop on a 3D ultrasound!!! It was such a great experience!!!

Bunnyhop was head down with her legs folded up in front of her face. After trying to get a good face shot, the tech got me to lay on that side for 5 minutes, to bug her a bit into getting into a different worked. She turned around and moved head up and stretched out a bit so we could see her cute little face!!! Throughout the ultrasound, she sucked on her feet and legs, as well as her umbilical cord and licked the placenta lol We even saw her open an eye as she yawned!!! That is apparently a rare sight according to the tech. She was very very active...the tech held the wand in place and the image kept moving cause baby was moving all over. She moved back head down for a bit and moved into a vogue like position which was so cute. She has cute fat lips, and we could see her eyebrows, eyelashes and she has super long fingers.  It was a wonderful experience which makes me wish I had had that with my own kids.

After the ultrasound, we went for dinner at this awesome place called the Afghan Horsemen. It was insanely good. A friend of mine had posted something about it on Facebook a few weeks ago and I thought it sounded pretty cool and it turns out they have been around since the 70's and have won tonnes of awards for their food! So...we went and enjoyed a really tasty meal. It was so delicious and even A and D said it was a good call and they were going to go there again for sure. I even came home with some leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!

After dinner, we went back to their place and transferred the pics from the ultrasound to a USB so I could take them home! They are going to burn the DVD for me too which Im super stoked to show the kids cause its pretty darn cool!!!
For are some pics of the ultrasound!!!


Yawning and her eye is open!!!

Really good profile shot...with her foot next to her head!

VOGUE! lol

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

25 weeks!

Thats right...only 15 weeks to go!!! Its very exciting!!! I got good video of baby girl moving around to send to her mom and dad and they seem to have liked it!! Apparently her cousin has named the baby Bunnyhop and while she thinks that this will be the babys name (which I think is so sweet), it has definitely stuck as a nickname. So, I call her Bunnyhop when I talk to her and tell her how much her mommy and daddy love her, and when I ask her to move for the camera and stuff (and times when I need her to calm the heck down lol she moves A LOT!!!)
A and D have recorded some stories so that I can play them for Bunnyhop on the Belly Buds. I love this idea as it lets baby hear her mommy and daddy when its usually several weeks before she gets to "hear" them in person. Theres only two recordings so far so I just put them on repeat (hope she doesnt get tired of them lol)...its about 10 min of pure mom and dad goodness!!! She moves lots when I play the buds so I think she likes to hear them talk to her...Im sure she can feel how much they love her....and I make sure to remind her all the time.

Every day I feel more and more blessed to be carrying this little one for such a great couple. People ask me how I will feel when I come home without a baby (Im sure all surros get this question all the time). Im sure there are days were Ill be a bit sad, missing the movements and stuff (I am human after all)...but I can honestly say, I cant wait to see this little girl where she belongs, in her mommys arms. I can only imagine the joy on A and D's faces when they see her for the first time...and get to touch and cuddle and kiss her. Ive looked forward to this for so long and I just feel so lucky and honored that I get to do this for them. Couldnt have asked for a more amazing journey.

Anyhow, here is some vid of baby Bunnyhop moving around!! Its a long video, but has lots of movement and shows just active she is every night.

25 weeks

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

24 weeks...only 16 weeks left!

Sorry I havent posted in forever...but no news is good news right?

Baby girl is doing well! She moves A LOT! Even the midwife at the last appointment said shes very active for this age. While using the doppler on me, she was kicking it so hard it was moving the doppler lol.
I put the belly buds on most nights and let the baby hear some stories told by her mommy and daddy and she likes that too.

Miles and I went on a little vacay to Tofino and stayed at a couples only inn right in a little cove. It was wonderful to be able to spend some time with each other and to not have to hear "Mommy" every 30 seconds. Dont get me wrong...I love my kids. But after 8 years of not having any time together, it was nice to have a break away from the everyday and enjoy some us time. We went bear watching and had the most amazing crab for dinner one night and some fresh smoked salmon jerky. Went for some great walks through rainforest and on the beach. Needless to say, we had a great time.
Here are some pics!

On a walk through the rainforest.

Miles and I on the beach

Didnt have an updated pic, but this is from 21 3 weeks ago! Im only a little bigger now.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Its a ???????

We had the gender determination ultrasound yesturday and baby was very cooperative!!! A and D are having a baby....thats right a cute little baby. A baby what??? A baby

Yay!!!! She (it feels so good to be able to say that and know for sure) was sitting in a good position...the tech had to kind a move and press pretty hard to really get a good view to be sure and at one point said "Im pretty sure I know, but I just want to be certain" and then finally said "Its a girl" and then grabbed another tech to be certain...who immediately was like "Oh, doubt, thats a girl!" A and D are very excited and can now come up with names!! We were all very excited and headed out for breakfast afterwards and when I got out of my car and looked over at A getting out of her car, she was almost skipping lol I said she looked like a kid at Disneyland lol I didnt get any pics...A is SUPPOSED to email them to me after she scans them AHEM A if you are reading this lol Nudge nudge!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011 my fam damily!

 So I thought it was high time I made mention of the support and love Ive been getting through this journey. I am very fortunate that I have not had any ....NONE whatsoever, negative comments made about being a surrogate. My mom apparently had one person say that it was a selfish thing to do...why dont the IP's just adopt with so many kids who need adopting. But thats it. And thankfully that comment wasnt made to me because I would have torn a strip off that person :)

Pretty much everyone in my life has known from before the transfer that I was doing this. But I was amazed when last night, I was at a wedding, and all my "aunts and uncles" came up to me and said they thought it was wonderful what I was doing. I didnt even know they all knew lol
I should back up here a bit and tell you about my family. I have an older brother whos been supportive of my journey. My mom has a brother and sister....her brother lives far far away and has a few kids, who I have never met (have them on FB though and try to get to know my cousins through that). My aunt has 5 kids and for the most part, were somewhat close....some times are better then others lol. But we keep in touch with each other and have grown up with each other.
Now my dad is the youngest of 6 and most have kids but not all. They are all older then me by a fair amount (some of my cousins could probably be my parent lol) And some of them have kids who have kids. Some are close, some are not. We all live in different places but when we get together (which isnt often) its like we just saw each other. I havent talked to many of them, but my parents have and Im sure they all know about this and the ones that I know know, have showed their support too.
This brings me to my chosen family. My dad has worked for a bakery for many many MANY years (like 40). And through working there, he met a wonderful Dutch, Catholic family, the Kouwenhovens. Grandma and Grandpa had 9 kids and they all have 2 or 3 kids each. I call this, my "chosen family". At a young age, I basically barged my way into the family lol. While we already spent lots of time with them and felt a part of this great family, I made sure I was a part of it and asked if I could call Grandma and Grandpa, Grandma and Grandpa! At my wedding, at least 5 tables, were just of Kouwenhovens lol. They out numbered mine and Miles family put together lol. Being a very Catholic family, their religious views greatly differ from my parents and mine, but we have never been made to feel anything other then welcome and loved into the family. Being a surrogate, I didnt really know how they would feel about it...considering the Catholic views on procreation. But yesturday at my cousins wedding, I was so happy when people came up and said they thought it was wonderful what Im means a lot to have their support.

So in saying all that. Thanks to blood family, my chosen family and my friends....for your support in this journey. It means a lot that you are all behind me in this. You dont know how much it means to feel the love and support through this. Im sure there will be a time where I will really need it....and I know you will be there for me!

I would like to share some pics from the wedding!!!  It was held at the Fort Langley Historical Site. An actual fort. Very cool venue. I imagine their photos will be amazing!! Thanks Bear and Andrea for having us at your special day!!! It was truly beautiful!!!

The Beautiful bride Andrea and Groom Jeremy

Carriage ride.

Thats right...this is what I ate lol and it was local
organic and free range....and delicious!!!
Beautiful flowers

My parents and us

My little family.

Waited all night for Black Betty....reliving air guitar from my wedding lol
Cousins Leah and Jeanine and uncle Paul gettin down lol

Not all the cousins made it in...but this is a good bunch of them!

Bride and groom having a dance.

Place setting and favour....homemade jam.
Had some in our PB&J sandwich for lunch today! Delish!

Yes...thats right. There was a fire pit!!! And there was S'mores!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well...ultrasound went well today...but unfortunately the MOA who booked the appointment, was a total tool. I specifically said that we wanted to find out the gender and so we had to make an appointment for 20 weeks and she said "Oh no, we can tell you at 19 weeks" so, thats what I booked for. Well, yah, they wont tell you before 20 weeks. So, after all that, we still do not know the gender of the baby. Its very dissapointing. Looks like we will schedule a 4D privately instead.
Babe is measuring right on dates, and everything looks great. Brain development, heart, everything was great.
Here are some pictures...I took pictures of the pics lol on my phone. So the quality is crappy. The first one looks like The Scream painting LOL.  Face shot with he/she yawning lol

Kinda front...babe is looking down but head on

Little foot!