Monday, February 24, 2014

First ultrasound!

So on friday the 21st, we had a date with the weenie wand and had our first o/b ultrasound. First, Hazel and A and I met for lunch at our normal place, the White Spot, cause thats one place we know the Hiz and her wildness will be tolerated lol. She was excited to see me and had aparently been talking about me all morning. She sat next to me for a bit, helped herself to some of my fries and the last of my burger hahaha Even tried my coleslaw, which she then went over to mom and spit it on her plate hahaha Hilarious. At least she was polite about it!!

After lunch, we met up with D over at the clinic across the street. He left work to come be at the ultrasound and would have to go back to work and work extra long to make up for it (boring bank related shit haha) but at least he was able to come. When I went back to the change room, I could hear Hazel calling out to me, which was so cute. While I was in the change room, A, D and Hazel came to the waiting area where I was and I modelled my lovely paper gown. Hazel loved it and touched it...said it was like her towel at home hahaha.We were finally called into the exam room and I got up on my perch. The doc raised the table up and Hazel got a little concerned that I was "Too high! Go back down!" lol After determining that I was 6 weeks plus 5 days according to transfer date, he gave me the weenie wand and got to work lol We found one little bean in there, nice yolk sac feeding it (doctor said it was hungry and eating a bagel) and a flickering heartbeat!!! 12O bpm! And measuring 6 week 6 days, so, perfect! Got a couple of pictures and then we were done! I got dressed and we made our way to the pharmacy to grab more needles and then were were on our way. A had to take D to work, and Hazel needed to get home for her much needed nap...but before leaving she gave me a big hug and kiss. What a sweetheart!!!

I know you dont see much...but heres a couple ultrasound pics anyway!

Making silly faces

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

second beta....

757!!! Yay!!! Ive called the midwives and hoping to set up an appointment in March! Stoked!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yay!!!! Were pregnant!!!

Super excited to announce that our beta result yesterday (at 10dp5dt) was a whopping 305!!! With Hazel it was 212 so this is even higher! Im super stoked and cant wait to start showing lol Probably wont be long till I start gaining a whack load of weight...I cant stop eating...thats usually a sign Im pregnant and I started feeling hungry very quickly. I took a hpt on day 4 (at the pressure of my surrosisters lol) and knew for 6 days I was pregnant before my IPs did...TORTURE!!! Then IM didnt get home from work until super late and so she didnt open the email with the beta results until like 10pm so I had known the number since like 4pm and had to sit on it ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY! lol

Oh well...its out now and everyone knows and were all excited!!! 2nd beta tomorrow! Hopeing for a nice high number (but not toooooo high lol)