Tuesday, March 29, 2011

annoying much?

Ok...I dont think Im going to be much of a ranter and raver, but the time has come. These patches suck. They do! They peel at the edges and by the middle of the 2nd day with them on, half of at least one, is halfway to falling off. Ive found that the thigh is the best place for them, but still, they start to peel. So then, it makes me worry, that Im not getting enough of the medicine so then I stress out....argh!!!! I do not like being stressed out! The night of the concert, one fell off completely and the other by the time I got home (granted, these ones were on the sides of my belly and with the movin and shakin to the music, Im sure that didnt help).So, even though I was supposed to wait until later the next night to put them on, I put them on in the morning instead and started over essentially.

Ok...thats my rant. And my kid is so cute. Our friend Dan came home from work and came to grab his son who we look after (my son from another mum lol) and Juli says "Whats up Yo!?" lol Too cute!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinner a success!!!

So tonight we had my little "surro-family" over for dinner. A and D and A's mom and dad and my mom and dad all came for dinner....I wanted to go healthy and tasty so I made taco bowls (baked the tortillas in the oven to form bowls) with an assortment of stuff to put in them (chicken, beef, salad greens, avocado,refried beans, cheese,salsa, sour cream and tomatos) along with a new Spanish Rice recipe that I made....delish!!! I think everyone liked it!!!

Everyone got along great...we had wonderful conversations and the men talked about hockey and other boy stuff! A made a wonderfully delicious cheesecake (omg...sooooo good) and we sat around the table having little chats and getting to know each other better.Mom got emotional as was expected and A's parents said such nice things to me about what Im doing...they are all just so nice!

On another note....last night I went to Bon Jovi! Holy moly, was that an awesome concert. So much fun...and my last hurrah before being "sperminated" lol. I definetly had a great time with my buddy Dan. Went to this place called the Warehouse and had dinner ($4.95 entrees...no lie...and good food!!) We each had 3 beers and a shooter lol. Then we headed to Rogers Arena and made ourselves comfy in our nosebleed seats with a couple more beers (4 for me in total at the concert). After the kick ass concert, we went to the Blarney Stone and shared a quick pitcher of Guinness before running out to catch the last skytrain. Back to my moms and she drove us home in my car. Was a great night! What sucked, is I started these patches on friday night, but I put them on the sides of my belly area and they both totally peeled off with all my moving and stuff last night...so I replaced them today as Im supposed to, but moved them to my thigh which has proven to work much much better (no peeling and cant feel them there like I could on my belly). The lady I deal with through PNW said they are about the size of a postage stamp....but unless they are European or special edition postages stamps...these are WAY bigger!!! Oh well...its what Ive gotta do!!!

Anyway...here are some pics! The first one is of my surro family and us!!!
My "Surro-Family" My dad in front left, D and me, back left A's dad
and mom, A, my oldest Madison, Miles, Braelyn in front of him, my mom and Juli

LOL Me drinking by beer at the Warehouse! I was STARTING to get tipsy lol

BON JOVI BABY!!! Opening song.

Dan and I at the Blarney Stone, enjoying a Guinness or two...or three hehehe
Hey...its my last time I can tie one on...so I did!!!
From now on, this body is booze free until I pop out a kid! hehe

Friday, March 25, 2011

Appointments today....

So I had my appointment for blood test (Estadiol??) and to have my suppression check ultrasound and my endo lining was 5.2mm and since I have my AF right now, it will be thinner then that...my ovaries are "nice and quiet" as the Doc said... so we are doing good. Ill just wait to hear from the other clinic and see if I start the patches today.
Met up with A for coffee and to pick up more Lupron and we had a nice visit as always. Its amazing how a coffee can turn into a two hour visit! lol

Looking forward to sunday when my "surro-family" (aka A and D, A's parents and my parents) come for dinner at my place so everyone can meet each other!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kudos,shout out, thanks, LOVE YOU!

So being in the throws of this amazing journey, Ive realized just how much amazing support I have during this whole thing!!! I am so blessed to have people around me who appreciate what I am doing and are interested in the process. Many of my peeps have to endure my babbling about it on a regular basis, including all my facebook posts...and even though they might not be interested in it anymore, still act like they are because they know its exciting for me lol

I want to take a moment to give a shout out to them....first and foremost, my amazing hubby and children.Wow.. they are on this ride with me and I know they will be so great to the baby as he or she grows in me...loving them as much as they would our flesh and blood.
My cara Erin...I love her beyond words. Her support means the world and I know she is so excited for me and only ever wants the best for me. I can count on her for anything...shes my cara...and I love her.
My co workers who will have to endure my being pregnant (again) and sling extra car seats and other heavy things for me while I cant!
Dan and Gail...wow....I have no words....
And my parents...who are the best parents in the world. My mom is the most amazing woman and not only is she supportive, but she wants to know everything thats going on and shes so interested!!! To have her support is everything.

Its cheesy, I know...but I just want to express my gratitude to those close to me that have been a pillar of support for me. They will be with me during this entire journey and afterwards and Im so fortunate and blessed to have them all. Ive been thinking a lot about this over the past few days and just wanted to express it!!!

Love you all!

PS Thanks to my blog followers too! Those who have commented giving me hints and advice and encouraging  words....you are awesome!!! And I learn a lot from your blogs!!!
PPS I should almost just call this post "Amazing" because Im pretty sure Ive used it a million times during this post lol

Monday, March 21, 2011

I want a Bodhran...and the weekends festivities

Random? Yes. lol Ive wanted one for a while now, but after partaking in a Bodhran workshop this weekend at Celtic Fest in Vancouver, Ive decided I must get one. But I dont want some crappy one that has Guinness written all over it (Love Guinness, just dont want their label plastered all over my drum). I saw one on Craigslist for $145...not to bad I suppose but cant afford it right now. What I can afford, is a crappy drum lol. I can see myself playing a 14" round 4" deep dark wood tunable bodhran without a cross bar...this is my goal...I WILL have one!!!! lol  Then Ill pay the $30 and go down to Celtic traditions and take another class, this time with drum in my hand. I just love the way it sounds!!!

I went to Spirit of the West on Saturday night and ate at this place called The Warehouse. ALL items on the menu....$4.95!!! I had a turkey bacon sandwich on cranberry sourdough bread and fries...for $5!!! Seriously! And it was good!!!! Then on sunday, the kids and I met up with my aunt downtown and took in the St Pattys Day parade which was about 2 hours long. It was chilly, but a good parade...a "people" parade, as they were calling it...not a bunch of huge floats, but groups of people walking and playing fiddles, step dancers, Irish and Scottish dancers, sword fighting...all sorts of people. We took down a picnic lunch which we ate in the mall cause we needed to warm up lol Then went out and took in the sites, did the Bodhran workshop and then saw a great local band called Blackthorn. All in all, a very fun day but also a very tiring day!!!

Here are some pics from the weekend:
Me at the Spirit of the West concert...my 5th!
Gayle and I enjoying a Guinness at the Trap N Gill

Leo from the BC Lions shaking the girls hands!

Ronald McDonald was pointing to his hair. He rode past
Braelyn and said "I like your hair color! Do you think
we could be related??!?!" Which had Braelyn beaming!
One of the many pipe bands...there must
have been about 8 different pipe bands

One of the many little groups playing fiddles
The Gypsy Mermaid

These guys were know as "The Black Sheep"
They did some sword fighting
and were very unique looking lol
Blackthorn....I love the color of his Bodhran

During the parade, a guy in the parade yelled out
"Lets hear some noise!!!" and no one except for
me threw up my hands and started yelling
So he was like "YA!!!" and came up and put his
hat on my head and then ran off and joined his crew lol

On our way home, Juli decided to try out the hat lol

Madison and Braelyn...on the skytrain

Me and my girls on the skytrain home.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Getting to know me

Well, today I gave myself my 4th shot and they are going well. So far I havent really had any side affects (Ive had a slight headache thats totally minor and not needed anything for it but thats it). Im not bruised, Im not sore. It tingles for a minute or so after, but usually I give it a bit of a rub and its gone. Feeling pretty good. Tomorrow, I take my last birth control pill and on friday, I have my first ultrasound to check my lining and start the patches. Every time something new happens, it feels so much closer!!! Ive been reading tonnes of blogs of other surrogates and getting so much insight into everything...thank you to my fellow bloggers! You have helped me learn so much!!!

On Saturday, A came into my work with her parents and I met them for the first time!!! SO exciting!!! They were so nice!!! I started to get teary eyed, but had to make myself stop...didnt want to look like and idiot to her parents! lol On Sunday, A and D and her parents, and my parents are coming to my house for dinner, so that they can all meet, and so that A and D can meet the kids. Im soooooo excited about this!!!!

I got this idea from another blog (cant remember which one, so no shout out..sorry! lol). Its not the same list of questions, but I figured it would be fun for those that dont know me, can get a little insight as to who I am. Perhaps A and D will learn a bit more about me too!

Why were you given your particular name?  My mom had a foster sister, it was her name and my dad loved it...long and short of it!
How many brothers and sisters do you have? I have one older brother (and then a step sister in law, and a brother and sister in law lol)
What is your favorite thing to do? Hmmmm....eat? lol 
What is your favorite food? Hahaha....I didnt even read ahead to this questions before answer the last lol. Sushi...LOVE it!!!
What is your favorite book? The Testament by John Grisham
What is your favorite candy bar? Dark Chocolate anything (Would never turn down a Cadbury Burnt Almond Dark Chocolate)
What is your favorite cookie? My Oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
What is your favorite sport? To watch: Canucks hockey To play: Bowling LOL
What is your favorite kind of music? Celtic...but I pretty much love ALL music. If I can move, dance, sing or whistle to it, its good!
What is your favorite song? Hmmm...hard one. I love so many songs. Anything Spirit of the West (Rites of Man...July...two of my faves)
What do you want to be when you grow up? Um, I am grown up. But I want to be a doula...just cant do it until my oldest kid is old enough to care for her siblings when I am "on the job" at 3 in the morning!
What place you would like to know about? I would like to know more about where my family is from (Scotland)
What place would you like to visit? SCOTLAND BABY!!!!
What is your favorite thing about your mom? Shes easy to talk to, she doesnt judge me. Shes amazing.
What is your favorite thing about your dad? His humor. In general though, he is my favorite person...and for so many reasons I cant say just one!
What is your favorite thing about yourself? Im outgoing (which can also be my least favorite thing)
Do you like to sing? Yes...and Im afraid I cannot have music on without singing. 
Do you like to dance? Yep...to the right kind of music!
Do you like to play a musical instrument? The piano. I want to learn to play the Bodhran
What musical instruments can you play? Piano, drums
What is your favorite type of art? Photography
Have you ever seen a broadway musical? Do you like theater? Yes (Ive seen Annie, Joseph and Phantom of the Opera and Yes.
Do you like building things? Er...I dont know...sometimes...depends what it is. lol
What would you like to learn about cars? Um, I dont know!
What would you like to teach others about? I like what I do and thats educate people on car seat safety. I would also like to be a Doula as I said...and I think thats teaching, and showing people how to cope with labor
How would your friend describe you to someone who has never seen you? "Shes loud and outspoken" lol
In five years, what kind of person will you be? Hopefully a better mother (as Ill be dealing with a teen!) 
What do you want to be doing in ten years? I hope to have a swinging career as a doula. Helping women get through childbirth and witnessing this miracle of life over and over!
When you have an hour of free time, what do you like to do? Watch a show and play on the computer!
What is the strangest food you ever ate? Ive not really eaten anything strange....perhaps Haggis?
Whats the craziest thing you have ever done? Ive been skydiving and yes I would do it again!!!
Whats your favorite cereal? Maple crunch of some sort lol
Whats your favorite color? PURPLE!!!!
What is your zodiac? Taurus...and I am soooooo a taurus
Are you an outdoorsy person? Heck yah! Girl Guide leader who loves to camp!!!
If you could choose any time to live in, when would it be? Mediaeval times....I love how they dressed! lol 
Do you have any pets? Our super mut dog Tasha

I think Ive bored everyone enough! Goodnight! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

1 shot down...111 to go! lol

I had my first lupron shot today! Im excited...lame I know...but it will wear off lol Im just excited because I know that with those shots come a transfer in just 6 short weeks!!!
But todays shot was just the first of 112 shots (yes, I calculated that...via Miles cause my math sucks lol)
Madison video recorded me doing my first shot...again...loser, but I want to document everything!!!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

cake and contracts lol

AHHHHHH Contract day!!!! Woohoo!!! I know...I already said in my previous post that we would be doing this today....but....AHHHHHHH! LOL Im excited.

What sucks is Miles was sick today...throwing up this morning, so didnt go to work. My oldest, Madison, just came home from school early cause shes not feeling well. Im not sure my mom will be too impressed that Im dropping off a sick kid to her...but what can I do lol

Im keeping busy this morning, decorating a cake for a co workers birthday (I hope she doesnt read this before she gets the cake tomorrow lol). But...of course, I was stupid, and didnt take the icing I made up last night, out of the fridge early enough, and now its rock hard and I cant work with it. Got it sitting next to the window with the sun coming in in hopes of softening it up lol. Ill post a pic of the cake later....Ive gotten into doing cakes for coworkers birthdays and friends....some people ask if I would sell them. But Ill leave that up to my friend Andrea who is really talented in cake decorating lol....
Here are a couple of the cakes Ive done.

For a baby shower Duh. My first cake...you can see a bit of cake...but I had troubles lol Still turned out!

Another co workers babys shower

My son from another mum's cake smash cake (this was a joint effort with his mom...she did the smoothing of the blue icing, I did the rest)

My niece Skyes 2nd birthday cupcake cake. I love this one

Another co workers shower cupcake cake! My first cupcake cake...I love it too!

Ohhhh...this gives me an idea...I should make a cake for our dessert when I have everyone for dinner (if it works out of course). Hmmmmm....a Contract Cake! lol A Spermination Cake! LOL

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Contract and stuff!

So we got the contract from the lawyer working on my behalf and after looking over it, I feel great and ready to sign!!! So...we go on Wednesday to the lawyer ask our questions, and sign away!!! This is so exciting! It means its happening! Everytime something happens, it feels like its happening...like its closer....like its real!!!  Now, assuming that we have a transfer on April 17....we should have a due date of about Jan 2 lol New Years baby perhaps?!?!?!?! How cool! Maybe it would be the first baby born of 2012 at Ridge Meadows?! lol 

I feel so blessed and fortunate to be doing this for such an awesome couple! I feel so good about everything. I feel like they really care about my well being. Im trying to get our families together, so Im planning a dinner where their parents can come and my parents can come. Im very excited about this and really hope that they want to meet me! Now...what do I make!?!?!?!

Ive been having some baby dreams...its hillarious. I had a dream, that I was super preggo and had not heard anything about a baby shower or anything and was getting all concerned thinking maybe their family didnt think I wanted to be at the shower or (gasp) WANT me at the shower!!! lol So I go through the phone book (not Canada411 like I would normally do, the PHONE BOOK LOL) searching for anyone with the same last name so I could call and talk to someone lol. Never thinking, duh, just call D and ask him about it!!! lol I woke up laughing.  (Note to A and D's family if you are reading....please let me know if you have a shower!!!! I would love to be involved lol)  I also had a dream that my kids where at the delivery! lol NOT happening of course! (I probably had this dream because my last baby was supposed to be born at home, with her sisters there to see...that didnt happen).

Ive been thinking a lot about preparing for pregnancy...I want to start getting maternity clothes lol And I want to call the midwife right now! They only accept a certain number of patients per month and I want to be sure to get in! Ill be going with the same midwife that delivered my third...she was so awesome!

Anyhow...I feel like this post is a lot of rambling away...the next post will likely be on thursday....with a video of me taking my first Lupron injection!!! EEEEEK!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meds and more meds!

So today I went to the fertility clinic to do injection training. I got to learn how to give myself my Lupron and Progesterone injections that I will have to be giving myself for the next 16 weeks.

I was only a little nervous at first, but the nurse was so great with how she went over it all. Very easy to follow. The Lupron are subcutaneous injections into my belly. They are small needles, like the ones used to inject insulin and are very easy to push cause there is not a lot of liquid. Ill be on these ones for 6 weeks. In conjunction with that, I will use Estradial patches with I replaced every second day, starting with 2 and ending with 4.
Then come the biggies. Progesterone in oil. Ill have to inject these ones intramuscular in the top part of my ass. Thankfully, I still have a little chub there so its not pure muscle lol. I tested out doing it on myself (both injections) and I did just fine. Poking it into me quick makes it easier...of course I was only using water in the syringe so I have no idea what it will feel like to actually push this oil into me...but in about 6 weeks, Ill find out lol

We had a short but lovely visit with Allison after our appointment. Had coffee at Starbuck...joked about what people must think when they over hear our conversations lol

Heres a pic of my meds! The sharps container sucks in my opinion. Its easy for little hands to get into so Im on the hunt for one that they cant...but either way Ill keep it up high.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Got the revised calendar today after starting AF and going on birth control....we are looking at somwhere between April 17 and April 19 (which happens to be my anniversary....how hillarious would that be if Im impregnated by another man on my wedding anniversary LOL).  This is incredibly exciting!!!  I will start Lupron shots March 17th. Emailed with A this morning after getting the calendar and were cyber hugging over email! LOL Shes so awesome!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


PNW sent a prescription to Genesis for me. I need to go on thyroid medication. While the Dr was happy with my TSH and Free T4 levels....my high anitbodies are too high and need to come down. So...I start on Levothyroxine (Syntheroid) tonight! High antibodies can mean a higher chance of miscarriage. And we certainly dont want that!!! So Im glad to go on them...will be on them until the end of the pregnancy.
Thats it for now...nothing else new lol