Monday, March 21, 2011

I want a Bodhran...and the weekends festivities

Random? Yes. lol Ive wanted one for a while now, but after partaking in a Bodhran workshop this weekend at Celtic Fest in Vancouver, Ive decided I must get one. But I dont want some crappy one that has Guinness written all over it (Love Guinness, just dont want their label plastered all over my drum). I saw one on Craigslist for $145...not to bad I suppose but cant afford it right now. What I can afford, is a crappy drum lol. I can see myself playing a 14" round 4" deep dark wood tunable bodhran without a cross bar...this is my goal...I WILL have one!!!! lol  Then Ill pay the $30 and go down to Celtic traditions and take another class, this time with drum in my hand. I just love the way it sounds!!!

I went to Spirit of the West on Saturday night and ate at this place called The Warehouse. ALL items on the menu....$4.95!!! I had a turkey bacon sandwich on cranberry sourdough bread and fries...for $5!!! Seriously! And it was good!!!! Then on sunday, the kids and I met up with my aunt downtown and took in the St Pattys Day parade which was about 2 hours long. It was chilly, but a good parade...a "people" parade, as they were calling it...not a bunch of huge floats, but groups of people walking and playing fiddles, step dancers, Irish and Scottish dancers, sword fighting...all sorts of people. We took down a picnic lunch which we ate in the mall cause we needed to warm up lol Then went out and took in the sites, did the Bodhran workshop and then saw a great local band called Blackthorn. All in all, a very fun day but also a very tiring day!!!

Here are some pics from the weekend:
Me at the Spirit of the West 5th!
Gayle and I enjoying a Guinness at the Trap N Gill

Leo from the BC Lions shaking the girls hands!

Ronald McDonald was pointing to his hair. He rode past
Braelyn and said "I like your hair color! Do you think
we could be related??!?!" Which had Braelyn beaming!
One of the many pipe bands...there must
have been about 8 different pipe bands

One of the many little groups playing fiddles
The Gypsy Mermaid

These guys were know as "The Black Sheep"
They did some sword fighting
and were very unique looking lol
Blackthorn....I love the color of his Bodhran

During the parade, a guy in the parade yelled out
"Lets hear some noise!!!" and no one except for
me threw up my hands and started yelling
So he was like "YA!!!" and came up and put his
hat on my head and then ran off and joined his crew lol

On our way home, Juli decided to try out the hat lol

Madison and Braelyn...on the skytrain

Me and my girls on the skytrain home.

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