Friday, March 25, 2011

Appointments today....

So I had my appointment for blood test (Estadiol??) and to have my suppression check ultrasound and my endo lining was 5.2mm and since I have my AF right now, it will be thinner then ovaries are "nice and quiet" as the Doc said... so we are doing good. Ill just wait to hear from the other clinic and see if I start the patches today.
Met up with A for coffee and to pick up more Lupron and we had a nice visit as always. Its amazing how a coffee can turn into a two hour visit! lol

Looking forward to sunday when my "surro-family" (aka A and D, A's parents and my parents) come for dinner at my place so everyone can meet each other!!!

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Carla said...

Hope things go well Sunday. I am sure they will! My intended parents are 3 hours away...not too far, but not close enough to get together regularly. Sounds like things are going well and as they should for you! yay!