Tuesday, March 29, 2011

annoying much?

Ok...I dont think Im going to be much of a ranter and raver, but the time has come. These patches suck. They do! They peel at the edges and by the middle of the 2nd day with them on, half of at least one, is halfway to falling off. Ive found that the thigh is the best place for them, but still, they start to peel. So then, it makes me worry, that Im not getting enough of the medicine so then I stress out....argh!!!! I do not like being stressed out! The night of the concert, one fell off completely and the other by the time I got home (granted, these ones were on the sides of my belly and with the movin and shakin to the music, Im sure that didnt help).So, even though I was supposed to wait until later the next night to put them on, I put them on in the morning instead and started over essentially.

Ok...thats my rant. And my kid is so cute. Our friend Dan came home from work and came to grab his son who we look after (my son from another mum lol) and Juli says "Whats up Yo!?" lol Too cute!

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