Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Contract and stuff!

So we got the contract from the lawyer working on my behalf and after looking over it, I feel great and ready to sign!!! So...we go on Wednesday to the lawyer ask our questions, and sign away!!! This is so exciting! It means its happening! Everytime something happens, it feels like its happening...like its closer....like its real!!!  Now, assuming that we have a transfer on April 17....we should have a due date of about Jan 2 lol New Years baby perhaps?!?!?!?! How cool! Maybe it would be the first baby born of 2012 at Ridge Meadows?! lol 

I feel so blessed and fortunate to be doing this for such an awesome couple! I feel so good about everything. I feel like they really care about my well being. Im trying to get our families together, so Im planning a dinner where their parents can come and my parents can come. Im very excited about this and really hope that they want to meet me! Now...what do I make!?!?!?!

Ive been having some baby dreams...its hillarious. I had a dream, that I was super preggo and had not heard anything about a baby shower or anything and was getting all concerned thinking maybe their family didnt think I wanted to be at the shower or (gasp) WANT me at the shower!!! lol So I go through the phone book (not Canada411 like I would normally do, the PHONE BOOK LOL) searching for anyone with the same last name so I could call and talk to someone lol. Never thinking, duh, just call D and ask him about it!!! lol I woke up laughing.  (Note to A and D's family if you are reading....please let me know if you have a shower!!!! I would love to be involved lol)  I also had a dream that my kids where at the delivery! lol NOT happening of course! (I probably had this dream because my last baby was supposed to be born at home, with her sisters there to see...that didnt happen).

Ive been thinking a lot about preparing for pregnancy...I want to start getting maternity clothes lol And I want to call the midwife right now! They only accept a certain number of patients per month and I want to be sure to get in! Ill be going with the same midwife that delivered my third...she was so awesome!

Anyhow...I feel like this post is a lot of rambling away...the next post will likely be on thursday....with a video of me taking my first Lupron injection!!! EEEEEK!!!!


Carla said...

hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I will have to read more of yours when I get a chance. Good luck with everything. It truly is an amazing experience, isn't it?

braejuma said...

Thanks for commenting back! lol It is an amazing experience!!! In two days I start my lupron shots! Woohoo!! Congrats on your last shot!

Carla said...

I had thyroid issues too. It set us back a couple of weeks, but am glad it got resolved. I felt a world of difference in my energy level- I love it! I always attributed my tiredness to caring for my 3 kiddos -lol. It feels great to not feel like I am dragging my ass through the day. Good luck with the shots! The first couple of times were really hard for me, but it quickly just became routine!

braejuma said...

Thankfully the thyroid issue never set us back! I feel very lucky about that!!! I have lost some weight being on it though so I LOVE that lol
I start the lupron on thursday....crazy!!! I practiced on myself both the lupron and progesterone injections and feel pretty comfortable so hopefully its all good!!