Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sibling...say what???

I am a terrible blogger. Yes...I am...I think I may need to seek help with this problem. LOL. But, I really haven't had anything to blog about. Well...I guess technically I have, but due to some privacy issues for my kids, I couldn't really talk about anything until now.

Looking good one night lol
My last post had me coming out about my marriage issues. Since then, our open relationship has turned into a separation. We decided that we are for sure done and about a month ago, we told the kids. They pretty much took the news as I suspected they would, and since that have not shown any signs of it bothering them too much. But...we all still live together and will until February when I move out. The only way for me to afford to live on my own (with room for the kids of course) is to get a place with my parents so we are going to get a place that has a suite below for them and a suite upstairs for us. Im looking forward to this change and will be so different living "on my own" but I am excited to. Miles and I are still getting along quite well. We still live with, and sleep in the same bed (no hanky panky lol) and often still give each other a hug or kiss. We care for each other and just want the other person to be happy....hes even seeing someone. We feel we are doing whats best for us and the kids by keeping things amicable....and so far so good. As for me....things with Strings has gone south (Im actually pretty broken up about it), but apparently we are still friends (not sure about that...but whatever...long story lol). Ive been taking this time to get back to ME. I feel that over the last 16 years, I have lost me. I stopped doing things that brought me joy, because they didnt fit into my life. Having a husband who is a homebody and somewhat anti-social, didnt help. I can thank Strings for introducing me back to music again. Its something I missed terribly. I didnt exactly anticipate that I would get back into drumming, but I have...and man does it make me happy. Ive met so many awesome people in the local music scene and really enjoy going out to shows (usually in a seedy bar lol). Ive met some amazing musicians and even working with a drummer on my technique. I have to say, Im happier then Ive ever been. The only thing Im missing, is that person to share my happiness with...tell my stories to. Sure, I can still talk to Miles to a degre...but I cant talk to him about people I date or am interested in...thats a little weird. Im talking to a couple people and hopeing to date more...but I just take each day as it comes.
Drumming away

Now...for the interesting stuff!!! So A has been in contact with the clinic in Seattle to talk about a time line for a sibling journey. They were hoping for a September baby...which means...thats right...a December transfer!!!! We are aiming for Dec 15th!!!! But if we cannot get all our ducks in a row before then, then it would be early January we would go to transfer. I am excited and sooooo looking forward to getting underway and I really hope that it works the first time again. We will be using a frozen embryo. Just one! So right now, A is getting in contact with the lawyer to start the contract going. And I am awaiting a call from the clinic to get the ball rolling on what I need to do (blood test and stuff). 

Now that we are getting going on the next journey, Ill definitely be updating this more. I feel terrible as I have been missing out on so many milestones of my favorite fellow bloggers....  Carla  Kevin and Jeff  Jeni  Doug and Bill  ...but Ill be following more closely again and I hope you will do the same!