Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Current happenings

9 months. Yep...Esme is 9 months old. I dont see the girls that often, but when I do, I enjoy every minute of cuddles with these beauties.

For the first time, ever, I am considering getting my tubes tied. Ive never considered it before, but Im at a point now where Im pretty seriously considering it. Im single. Im done having children. I definitely do not want more. I dont want to worry about pregnancy at all. Theres only so many fixed guys I can date ( just made myself sound a little whorey there lol). Seriously though....I think Im ready to take the step to being permanently fixed. book the appointment with the gyno.....

In other news. I work for BCAA (British Columbia Automobile Association). For those not from here or familiar, this is the same as CAA in Canada or AAA in the states. We provide emergency roadside assistance to those with car troubles. Well....38 days ago, they locked us call takers and dispatchers out. What it comes down to, is fairness in the workplace. The rest of the company, works 35 hours a week....we work 40 hours a week....and we get paid the same. So we work more hours for the same amount as someone working less. On top of that, I should mention that we work holidays and evenings and such...these other people dont. Thats not the issue, but just to put it into perspective. We lose a lot of important time with our families and miss holidays and stuff because of our job, no one else does. They work fewer hours, get all the holidays and we work more and work all the holidays and in the end, make the same. We just want to be treated fairly in our own work place. Either let us work 35 hours, or pay us for the 40...thats it. Simple

Our employer is of course, only telling our co-workers in the company that WE are the ones that are being difficult and telling half truths and full lies. They have been dishonest at the labour court and all in all, seem to not know what the hell they are doing. Our managers are working 16 hour days for days and days at a time (2 have worked every day of the lockout) and then having the nerve to say that WE are not safe (because we walk in front of them trying to cross the picket line) but letting these managers drive home after days of these long shifts. This same company, has recruited some of our drivers (non union) to come in and do our job, These drivers are now scabs and will be treated very differently by has definitely changed our relationship with them, people who we didnt have an issue with before. Its very unfortunate. Our employer will have everyone believe that they are actively trying to negotiate a fair deal, but the truth is, they havent made any attempts since December and unless we take the 35 work week off the table, they wont talk to us. That is NOT negotiating. That is strong arming and we are not accepting that. Its the only thing we are really after. Anyhow....with each passing day, we realize we are in this for the long haul. If you are a BCAA member, please call in and ask them to come back to the table and negotiate a fair deal. Youll be experienceing long wait times and shitty service on the phones until we get back in there and doing what we love...helping people.


Scabby the rat 

Day 38 now...but whos counting?

If you're a member...heck, even if you're in and ask them to end the lockout!!!

Hazel and her friend Will

Arent they cute?

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