Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinner a success!!!

So tonight we had my little "surro-family" over for dinner. A and D and A's mom and dad and my mom and dad all came for dinner....I wanted to go healthy and tasty so I made taco bowls (baked the tortillas in the oven to form bowls) with an assortment of stuff to put in them (chicken, beef, salad greens, avocado,refried beans, cheese,salsa, sour cream and tomatos) along with a new Spanish Rice recipe that I made....delish!!! I think everyone liked it!!!

Everyone got along great...we had wonderful conversations and the men talked about hockey and other boy stuff! A made a wonderfully delicious cheesecake (omg...sooooo good) and we sat around the table having little chats and getting to know each other better.Mom got emotional as was expected and A's parents said such nice things to me about what Im doing...they are all just so nice!

On another note....last night I went to Bon Jovi! Holy moly, was that an awesome concert. So much fun...and my last hurrah before being "sperminated" lol. I definetly had a great time with my buddy Dan. Went to this place called the Warehouse and had dinner ($4.95 lie...and good food!!) We each had 3 beers and a shooter lol. Then we headed to Rogers Arena and made ourselves comfy in our nosebleed seats with a couple more beers (4 for me in total at the concert). After the kick ass concert, we went to the Blarney Stone and shared a quick pitcher of Guinness before running out to catch the last skytrain. Back to my moms and she drove us home in my car. Was a great night! What sucked, is I started these patches on friday night, but I put them on the sides of my belly area and they both totally peeled off with all my moving and stuff last I replaced them today as Im supposed to, but moved them to my thigh which has proven to work much much better (no peeling and cant feel them there like I could on my belly). The lady I deal with through PNW said they are about the size of a postage stamp....but unless they are European or special edition postages stamps...these are WAY bigger!!! Oh well...its what Ive gotta do!!! are some pics! The first one is of my surro family and us!!!
My "Surro-Family" My dad in front left, D and me, back left A's dad
and mom, A, my oldest Madison, Miles, Braelyn in front of him, my mom and Juli

LOL Me drinking by beer at the Warehouse! I was STARTING to get tipsy lol

BON JOVI BABY!!! Opening song.

Dan and I at the Blarney Stone, enjoying a Guinness or two...or three hehehe
Hey...its my last time I can tie one I did!!!
From now on, this body is booze free until I pop out a kid! hehe

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