Thursday, March 17, 2011

1 shot down...111 to go! lol

I had my first lupron shot today! Im excited...lame I know...but it will wear off lol Im just excited because I know that with those shots come a transfer in just 6 short weeks!!!
But todays shot was just the first of 112 shots (yes, I calculated that...via Miles cause my math sucks lol)
Madison video recorded me doing my first shot...again...loser, but I want to document everything!!!



Carla said...

you did great! You are too funny, taking pics of the needle! Your girls are adorable!

Jeni said...

Good job!!!! Starting meds is such a fantastic part of the journey! You're that much closer to being pregnant! Congrats!

braejuma said...

I know! I felt lame taking a pic while doing the video...but Im trying to document EVERYTHING lol in video and pictures....LAME!!! LOL Oh well. Im so excited about starting the meds...Im sure that will wear off when Im bruised all over (the Lupron I dont feel will be too bad...but the progesterone...yah, Not looking forward to those! lol Thanks for the comments ladies! I enjoy reading your stories!

Anonymous said...

You aren't lame at all! lol I'm just starting out getting with an agency (psych eval is next week) and it's awesome to read your blog. :)