Wednesday, March 16, 2011

cake and contracts lol

AHHHHHH Contract day!!!! Woohoo!!! I know...I already said in my previous post that we would be doing this today....but....AHHHHHHH! LOL Im excited.

What sucks is Miles was sick today...throwing up this morning, so didnt go to work. My oldest, Madison, just came home from school early cause shes not feeling well. Im not sure my mom will be too impressed that Im dropping off a sick kid to her...but what can I do lol

Im keeping busy this morning, decorating a cake for a co workers birthday (I hope she doesnt read this before she gets the cake tomorrow lol). But...of course, I was stupid, and didnt take the icing I made up last night, out of the fridge early enough, and now its rock hard and I cant work with it. Got it sitting next to the window with the sun coming in in hopes of softening it up lol. Ill post a pic of the cake later....Ive gotten into doing cakes for coworkers birthdays and friends....some people ask if I would sell them. But Ill leave that up to my friend Andrea who is really talented in cake decorating lol....
Here are a couple of the cakes Ive done.

For a baby shower Duh. My first can see a bit of cake...but I had troubles lol Still turned out!

Another co workers babys shower

My son from another mum's cake smash cake (this was a joint effort with his mom...she did the smoothing of the blue icing, I did the rest)

My niece Skyes 2nd birthday cupcake cake. I love this one

Another co workers shower cupcake cake! My first cupcake cake...I love it too!

Ohhhh...this gives me an idea...I should make a cake for our dessert when I have everyone for dinner (if it works out of course). Hmmmmm....a Contract Cake! lol A Spermination Cake! LOL

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