Sunday, April 3, 2011

not much...just ramblings!

So we are at about 16ish days until transfer and I am getting soooooooooooo excited. What I am not excited about is the progesterone shots lol. I am actually really apprehensive about them. Not the part about giving them to myself, but I hear that the next day feels like your badly bruised and even though you inject on the opposite side the next day, by the time you get back to the first side, it still feels so bruised. That is when I think it will be harder for me to give myself the injection....into my already sore ass, from just one injection.

What I am thankful for, is that I have had no side affects from the lupron. I keep seeing that people get hot flashes and headaches but Ive had none of that (besides a headache the first 2 or 3 days, but since then, nothing). Then I worry that Im not taking the right dosage and I doubt everything Im doing! Im doubting everything Im doing...right down to wondering if Im taking everything Im supposed to lol I see on other blogs, and video blogs of surrogates taking all these meds and throughout this whole thing, Ill only be on the lupron, estrodial patches and progesterone...just makes me wonder why other people go on all these meds and Im on so little. Then I wonder, why am I questioning this?! lol much running through my much confusion and questioning of myself. I should just be happy that Im getting off relatively lucky on the meds front.

So my question for other surrogates out there...and please feel free to comment your answers because Im very curious. How do you respond when people comment on "what a wonderful thing" you are doing? Friends and others who learn about what Im doing, always say such nice things to me about what Im doing, but I never know how to respond. Im not doing it for recognition! Im doing it because I want to and because I can and often feel awkward when people say that to me. I totally appreciate it...I just dont know how to respond and usually just say "Im happy to do it" or somthing. Just do you respond?


paradykes said...

Don't worry too much about the PIO, while your backside will get sore it's easy to work around the quadrants to miss the previous sites. I had a nurse show me the best way to find a spot and since then Ash has been pretty good on the sore butt. You can also inject in your legs if your butt is too sore.

Ash gets the same response about the surrogacy and she just explains that being able to help a couple become a family is an honor. We usually explain that we're "paying it forward" because we needed help to have our daughter.

Carla said...

I say something like, Thank you, it is going to be one of the most interesting things I do in this life.' It can be hard to graciously accept recognition and/or compliments.

braejuma said...

Thanks ladies!!!Thats pretty much about the same type of responce Ive been giving...which works, but some people go on and on and on lol I just nod my head after a while lol It is hard to graciously accept recognition when thats not what your looking for.
As for PIO...I will be giving them to myself eek....perhaps you could take a pic of Ashs butt and show me where you inject oh wise one!! LMAO....Just kidding!!!
Thanks for your responses! I really appreciate it!