Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not much new...

Not sure if I feel pregnant yet lol Ive never really felt pregnant in the early fact, I didnt know I was pregnant with my first child until I was 11 weeks! I get no symptoms and that kind of sucks because theres nothing definitive toI indicate that this little embie is settling in nicely in my fluffy uterus! I keep thinking that I may have felt it implant, but I just dont know. I hear that when your on all the meds and stuff, that you start pudging out quicker and stuff and I definetly feel fatter lol...or maybe I just am! Its only been 4 days after all lol
So we have this thing called eHealth where you can check the results of your blood tests the same day you have the blood see them before your doctor even gets the results. I asked my IPs if they wanted me to call them with the results, but they would prefer to have the "official" word...which probably wont get to them until the next day!!! Its going to KILL me to sit on that information for 24 hours!!! How can I not let my followers know, who Im sure will be waiting so anxiously, the results of the pregnancy test!!!!!!! lol

Today we had my aunts funeral. I spoke the eulogy and spoke for my mom as well. It was an emotional day but it was a nice to see everyone and to know so many people loved her so much.

Rest in paradise Auntie you always....see you on the other side.

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Carla said...

I am looking forward to news of ++++++!