Monday, April 11, 2011

Ok...Sunday it is! lol

Ok so its actually going to be Sunday when we do the transfer! I got my updated calendar today. The egg donor wasnt quite ready for retreival today but she will be tomorrow! Yay!! So today I took my last lupron shot! YAY! But that means tomorrow I take my first Progesterone shot! BOOOOO! Like Ive said before, Im a little apprehensive, but the donor coordinator at the Seattle clinic, is soooooo nice. She said when Im ready to take it, call her and we can do it together. How nice!!! They really are wonderful there. Shes always so reassuring and kind. I think Ill be fine. I just have to remember to get that needle in quickly...its less painfull that way. Today I replaced 4 estradiol patches...and in two days Ill go down to two and continue with the two every other day until we are done progesterone (10 weeks of pregnancy).

I cant even tell you how excited I am! A year ago, I never would have thought I would be meeting IP's, cycling and haveing an embryo transfer. A year ago, I was just a normal mom of three kids, thinking I would never get the opportunity to not only be pregnant again, but to be a surrogate. Wow...has my life changed in a year. It really just fell into my lap. Ill never forget the day that M came into my store and told me she was expecting twins though a much as I didnt know until November that A had emailed me 4 months earlier, I feel like that day in July when M walked in my store, my life changed.  I feel so fortunate. And most of all I feel so lucky to do this for A and D...who are going to make wonderful parents!!!

Eeeeek! Countdown is on!!! 6 days!!!!

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