Sunday, April 17, 2011

Transfer complete!!!

Yay!!! Back from Seattle and the transfer went great!!!

We drove down Saturday afternoon and right away went to Pike Place market...where I picked up a couple of things (I love that place).  We then went to our hotel to check in, took an hour to ourselves (me in my room...them in theirs) and met back down in the Lobby at 7. They had made reservations at this place called the Wild Ginger....O M G....soooooo amazing!!!! The food was delish. We have Seven Flavor Beef, Green Chili Thai chicken,Shrimp Pad Thai and Seshwan Beans all served with rice. I had my last beer (a La'Connor Porter...nice and dark) and we finished our meal with a crazy yummy chocolate torte. The dinner was truly the best meal Ive ever had...and the company was great!!!

We went back to our rooms where we went our separate ways away (we were on different floors). I had an ok sleep..not the best. And it wasnt out of excitement but out of what seemed to be the thinest doors ever!!! The hotel was nice, the rooms were nice and the beds comfy...but people were slamming doors and yelling down the halls at 2 and 4 am! WTF? You know, people do sleep!

Anyhow, we met down in the lobby at 10am as we had to be at the clinic at 10:30 so I could take my drugs and drink my water! We were taken into the room and waited for the doc and the embryologist, who told us that the embryo they were transferring, was "Grade A" and "The best you could hope for" He was very optimistic that we would get pregnant with this embryo!!! And they still had some to freeze as well which is great!!!

A and D got to be in the room and watch as they placed the little embie inside me. We got to see on a screen in front of us, the embie in its incubator being removed from its current home, going into the catheter type tube thingy (dont know the name of it) until it came into the room and was placed in its new home, inside my uterus!!! Sooooo exciting!!!! We saw it on the ultrasound go in. I laid there for 15 min (I ended up getting up to go pee as I couldnt hold it anymore) and then got dressed and left the clinic. After, we went and grabbed some subs and we were on our way back home (made it back in record time too!)

This is just so exciting!!! I cant believe that right now, I have this little embryo inside me!!! Ive been rubbing my belling saying "common little embie!!! Get comfy!!! I make a great host!!!" encouraging it along!!!

Here are a couple of pictures from the transfer!!! (I do have a better picture of the embryo...but its scanned on my other computer which is being an asshole right now and I cant do anything with it right now)

Us right before the transfer

The blastocyst...its already splitting and he even said there were "fetal cells" which is the dark spot

bad pic...but the line there is the catheter with the embie in it...we saw it shoot right out!


Laura said...

I have been wondering about an are pregnant! WOOHOO!!!

Jeni said...

Congrats! Take it easy and let us all know the moment you get that positive!!!!!

Carla said...

wonderful! I can't wait for an update!

Jeff and Kevin said...

Very exciting! We'll keep checking in!

paradykes said...

Yaaaa how exciting! Stick little embie stick!