Saturday, April 30, 2011

Second beta...

...was a whoppin 652!!! Yeehaw! GREAT number...we are really happy about it!!!

Im feeling pretty great! I have to pee...alot! lol And Im hungry all the time (which really was the first sign I was pregnant lol) I think with me eating a bit more, its causing my hearburn...Im seeing major heartburn issues for this pregnancy (not unlike my third, which saw me through 3 bottles of Gaviscon! lol). I am technically about 4 weeks 5 days pregnant (which is so weird considering I only had the transfer 13 days ago) and one of my pairs of jeans is already getting a bit snug (damn meds...they probably are not helping). Ive been active on a surro forum and some of the ladies mentioned with betas like that, it could be twins! Yikes! Mes think not! lol I mean, I guess its possible for the embryo to divide but we did only transfer one so its probably not likely. Wouldnt that be a suprise though, if at our first ultrasound, we find that out?!! LOL
I have my first midwife appointment on the 18th of May....Im so happy that A and D are ok with me using a midwife as I gotta say, my experience with a midwife was so much better then a doc....not to put down the docs, because she was awesome, but I love the much more personal experience I get with a midwife. I love having up to an hour with her, rather then being rushed in and out in 10  min. I love that I get to make decisions based on my care, not just because "they" think I need it. Informed decision is an amazing thing, and I learned so much with my third pregnancy.

Anyhoo...I dont have much more to report...just my awesome second beta!!!! :)


Jeni said...

Those are awesome numbers! Hooray!!

Krystal said...

GREAT NUMBER!!!! Can't wait to hear about the u/s!