Friday, May 6, 2011

Nothing new!

Just thought I would say hi though! lol Nothing much. Feeling great!!! No morning sickness (probably one of the reasons I dont mind being pregnant! lol) A little more tired then normal and DEFINITELY more hungry!!! I could eat all day long...except then I get heartburn from eating so much lol So I cant do that, plus, I need to stay healthy and not be a pig.

I posted on a local used clothes and toys group on FB the need for some maternity clothes and I got a whole bunch of responses and I totally lucked out and got some great maternity clothes!!! Ill get a couple new things, but for the most part, I dont think I need anything....oh except a new bra perhaps lol. My boobs are getting sensitive (which wasnt really an issue for me while being pregnant) and I think they are filling out a bit more (another thing that wasnt an issue for me). Oh well!!!

One thing I have been noticing is those nasty side uterine stretch know, the kind that are like a side stitch that just creeps up on you? Oh...I totally forgot about those...and totally didnt miss them lol But its a reminder that there is a baby slowing stretching my uterus and reminds me to take it a bit easier. So as much as I dont like them, they serve a purpose I guess!!!

Anyone has any idea what I should call this little babe? I havent figured out something cute to refer to it as...and I dont like refering to a baby as "it" lol I said, not much to update. I have my first midwife and ultrasound appointment on May 18 (two seperate appointments..just happens to be the same will make sure all is well and that babe is growing as he/she should and A will get to meet the midwife so Im super excited about that!!!

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