Sunday, May 22, 2011 I havent written since my ultrasound, but thats only because I was trying to get around to scanning the picture on my PC and since thats not happened yet, I figured I better just write something LOL

We had our first ultrasound on wednesday...and not only did we see a beautiful heartbeat, but we HEARD it too!!! A and D were amazed that they could see it, but were even more so when they heard it. It was so awesome to see their faces as they saw their babys heart beating away. Since they have no idea whats on an ultrasound, the doctor was so great and showed them what everything was so they could totally understand what they were seeing. So baby was measuring at 7wks 2 days (so RIGHT on target) and was about 11.83mm in size. So amazing that something thats under a centimeter small, can have a heart beat...crazy.

After our appointment, A and I went for lunch and then headed out to where I live and had a gelato and then went to the midwife. I had not met the midwife we saw (the practice has 3 midwives and this one wasnt there when I had my last kid) but she was really nice and helped put us both at ease about what to do about the hospital (can A and D stay there...should I go home right away and let them have my room as they probably wont be able to accomodate 2 we have to sign something so that they have the right to make medical decisions on their baby, even though technically, they see the baby as mine biologically) So many questions...but the midwife said not to worry about it, that she would find out everything, contact the hospital, do what she needed to do to figure it all out.  We have an appointment booked for about a month from now and hopefully by then we will be able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler!!! So exciting!!!

Anyhow...soon I will get around to posting the pic I promise!!! Its not much but a blob but its still a picture!!!


Krystal said...

Yay!! Congrats!

Heather said...

Hi. I am a SMO lurker & just saw your post. I can't sign up on SMO because my email is a free one.

I was a surrogate and live in Kelowna BC. I get to Vancouver a couple of times a year.

I would love to meet another surrogate in BC. Email me if you'd like to chat.