Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tomorrows the day!!!

Tomorrow, we get to see this little bean on an ultrasound!!!! I am sooooo excited!!! I cant wait to see the little heartbeat and the look on A and D's faces as they see their baby for the first time.

I will be bussing down town and meeting up with them, going to the appointment. Then A and I will be going for lunch and then in the afternoon, we have a midwife appointment!!! A will get to meet the wonderful lady who will help deliver her baby! I am super stoked for tomorrow and I just want to see that everything is good and there is a baby growing in my uterus!!!

Ill post a pic if they give me one!!!


Jeni said...

Yay!! Ultrasounds are the best!!!

Krystal said...

So exciting!!! Have fun!