Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I have the best parents

Tonight my hubby the kids and I went to my parents for dinner...its my birthday on Saturday and Madison and I are going camping with Girl Guides so we will not be around so we did my birthday dinner tonight. Mom make my favorite...Mac and Cheese...with probably 2 lbs of cheese and 2 lbs of bacon (that was split between two dishes and we polished off one lol). It was sooooooo good!!! Then we had deep fried ice cream for desert! Yum yum yum.

What was nicest of all...they gave me the sweetest gift...my dad picked it out. Aparently as soon as he saw it, he knew he wanted to get it for me because of what Im doing and the journey I am on. Its an earring and necklace set...the Celtic Cradle of Life....totally fitting and anyone who knows me knows how much I love everything Celtic. I think it looks like a womb with an embryo in it. He also chose my card...which had the following printed on it:

Like leaves upon a summer breeze,
Hearts are stirred by memories-
Those happy to remember things,
like childhood friends
and old porch swings,
Fmily storied told for ages
Daydreams tucked
between lifes pages
Teardrops spent
and laughter shared
Questions asked
adventrued dared
Memories stir the heart because
Theres joy found in "the way it was"

As you celelbrate today and dream of all thats yet to be
Take the time to think about a favorite memory
Think about beginnings and where your journey started
Look how far youve brought yourself
on paths that were uncharted

And know your in the memories
of other people too
People who are grateful
for the gift of knowing you.

I just thought it was the perfect gift and card for whats going on in my life right now and wanted to share. Here are a couple pictures of my new jewellery!

Dont mind my hair lol


Carla said...

I love this jewelry! Happy early Birthday! Have fun camping this weekend!

Krystal said...

I really like that! What a great gift!