Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Well....tomorrow is the big day....I go for blood work to see if Im pregnant or not!!! Ive been so anxious about this day because I just want it to be positive!!!! I do feel pregnant in some ways though. I have been hungry ALL THE TIME!!! Thats usually a sign for me lol. Since I did my cleanse, I havent had the craving to eat late at night but alas, here its been about 11pm and Im actually STARVING!!!! Seriously! And because I have my thyroid meds to take on an empty tummy, I cant even full fill my craving if its after 11pm (I usually go to bed around 1am so 11pm is the cut off).
Anyhow...as soon as A and D know the results, Ill be posting!!!! Wish me luck!!!


Jeni said...

Good luck!!!! Don't leave us hanging too long! Can't wait to hear the great news!

Krystal said...

Good luck! You're totally knocked up! :-)

Laura said...

UMMMMM Hello!!! Are you not POAS?? Or are you and you aren't saying? Anyway, good luck! I will keeping an eye out!