Wednesday, April 6, 2011

omg omg omg omg

Got an email from my IM....the clinic in seattle emailed and said the egg retrieval should be monday or tuesday...which means saturday or sunday should be the transfer!!!! eeeeeeek!!!! only 10 or 11 days away!!! So excited!!!! I go on friday to check my endo lining...aiming for 8mm or thicker!! Send good thickness vibes my way! lol

On another note, the patches seem to be getting better at staying on (weird)...if I put them in the right area on my thigh, they seem to stay on. Which is good cause it was worrying me that I wasnt getting enough of the meds since they were lifting. Has anyone else been on the patches and had problems with them lifting?

Im sooooo excited!!!! EEEEEK!!!!  :)


Jeni said...

OMG is right!!! Yay!! Sending nice fluffy lining thoughts your way!!! Just two weeks time, you'll be preggers! Congratulations!

Carla said...

this is awesome, exciting news! good luck with everything!

paradykes said...

Yaaaaaaaa! This is awesome news! So excited for you and your IP's. I'm sending lots of fluffy thoughts your way.