Friday, November 18, 2011

Normally not a whiner...

....but today I gotta.
So for the first time in any pregnancy, I have totally messed up my sciatic so Im dealing with a great deal of lower back pain right now. Im fine if I dont have to stand for hours, but when Im at work, and on my feet, it tweaks here and there. Then I woke up this morning, and my levator scapulae is bugging me now too, which goes from behind my shoulder blade, right up into my neck and base of skull which then gives me a nasty headache. I wake up every night with my arm asleep from having to sleep on my right side (I am a tummy sleeper) and I cant fall asleep on my left or my back so pretty much Im screwed. I have to lay on my back for a while, wait for my arm to wake up again, then get back on my right side. On top of all that, Ive been waking up almost every night with leg cramps, and last night was no exception. My right leg wanted to cramp so bad, I kept waking up RIGHT as it was starting (good because then I could stop it before it fully cramped...bad because it still woke me up about 6 times.

I soooooo wished that maternity leave benefits paid better then 55% of your income, cause with a shitty income such as mine (hubby is the bread winner lol) I will make very VERY little and I need to wait until closer to due date and for my recovery to take that time off. Ugh....for the first time, I actually dont know how Ill make it to the end.

Pity party over...for now. lol

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Eschelle said...

omg i hate tough times with money. That is how I felt about every kid I had since I was working min. wage jobs and getting zero mat. leave.

All the power to you sister! Always manage to find a way :)