Tuesday, November 1, 2011

31 weeks and Samhain

Tonight is Samhain (or Halloween) and the night when the veil between the living world and the dead is at its thinnest. Im thinking lots about those loved ones lost and hoping they are enjoying coming in and out of "our" world. We took the kids trick or treating and they had a blast! Maddie was a Zombie and Braelyn was a Mummy and Juli was a Lion. Juli did pretty well last year, but this year, she REALLY got it! She was sooooo cute...saying trick or treat and thank you at every door. She wanted to take her candy bucket with her to bed so I put a flashlight into it to light it from the inside and put it beside her bed. Braelyn was so tired by the time we got back, she was BEGGING to go to bed lol. When we got back home, we watched as our neighbour lit off some fireworks and then put the kids to bed (after getting all that makeup off their face).Maddie could have been up all night lol
Cupcakes I made for our Guide unir

My Mummy, Zombie and Lion

Juli my little lion

Maddie my Zombie...complete with maggoty face!

Braelyn my Mummy

Our pumpkins

THE mother load 

On another note...I am 31 weeks today!!! I cant believe how close we are to the end. Im still feeling pretty good, but always concerned about my blood pressure. Im sure its fine...but I am so afraid of getting pre-eclampsia and I think about it it too much I think. I need to take a picture this week for sure, but everytime I think about it, I am in my pjs with no bra on lol NOT what anyone wants to see lol  Bunnyhop is moving around lots as usual, and I think shes figured out that she has more room then shes been utilizing cause rather then all the movements being felt way down low, I can still feel the head down low, but the feet kicking the top area below my ribcage (in fact, tonight she had her feet IN my ribcage lol). The heartburn is something I can honestly say I will not miss after this little one comes. Ive just purchased my 4th bottle of liquid Gaviscon (2 in a month!) It works well, but I keep getting it after almost every meal...or snack. 9 weeks to go!!! Of course, Im hoping just 8! Im still dreaming of that Guinness on New Years!!!

Oh!!! I am also 3 weeks free of biting my nails!!! Ive bitten my nails for about 25 years so to have nails that I can paint, is amazing!!! Never been able to paint my nails before!!!

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Jeni said...

Cute kids! Great pumpkins! And a smooth pregnancy! What more could a girl want?! :-) You're doing fantastic my friend!

P.S. Those cupcakes are great! Nice job!