Thursday, October 20, 2011

29 weeks read right. 29 weeks! Amazing!!!
Not much new to report! Still feeling good. Have only gained 10lbs so far so Im happy!!! Midwife wasnt concerned at all with my blood work so thats good too! My blood pressure has been fine, but a little high for ME personally (Ive never had an issue with bp so its weird that its higher then normal for me). Now Im harsh paranoid about it and take my bp all the time. Its still within normal range, just high for me is all. Im sure my paranoia doesnt help lol

Have gone to 2 hypnotherapy sessions and listening to a hypnosis cd on nail biting for the past week and Im pleased to say, I am 9 days free of nail biting!!! This is amazing for me since I have been biting for at least the last 26 years!!! Its a terrible habit and I hate it so Im very happy that I have been sticking with it!! I have white tips!!! Crazy!!! And as I type, I can feel my nails!!! lol

Anyhow, like I said, not much to report. I do have a pic for this week, but its on my phone and my cord is no where near me to upload it lol My laptop is totally screwed and Im using hubbys computer anyway until I get a new one in a couple weeks time. Ill try and post a 30 week pic!!! 30 weeks!!!!I cant believe I just said that!!!

Oh and on one last note...congrats to all the other surros that just had babies, are nearing the end of pregnancy and to all the IP's that either just became parents, are about to become parents or just found out they will be parents!!! So excited for all of you!!!

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