Wednesday, October 5, 2011

27 weeks and a wonderful day!

Today was such a great day! Well, it started off super shitty (literally!) My dog got into garbage and proceeded to shit all over my carpet outside my bedroom door. It stank so bad and at 6:40am I had to clean up diarrhea at an ungodly hour. Ugh. got better thank goodness.

I parked my car at my parents place, and took the Skytrain downtown and went to the Tacofino truck. OMG....Tacofino is insanely good. A food truck in Tofino, that opened up in Vancouver as well. They actually have two trucks and it just so happens that the burrito truck is 2 blocks from where D catches the bus home from work. So, I met up with D after he was done work and we bused back to A and D's place where we hung out until A came home from work. Then we made our way to the ultrasound clinic to see baby Bunnyhop on a 3D ultrasound!!! It was such a great experience!!!

Bunnyhop was head down with her legs folded up in front of her face. After trying to get a good face shot, the tech got me to lay on that side for 5 minutes, to bug her a bit into getting into a different worked. She turned around and moved head up and stretched out a bit so we could see her cute little face!!! Throughout the ultrasound, she sucked on her feet and legs, as well as her umbilical cord and licked the placenta lol We even saw her open an eye as she yawned!!! That is apparently a rare sight according to the tech. She was very very active...the tech held the wand in place and the image kept moving cause baby was moving all over. She moved back head down for a bit and moved into a vogue like position which was so cute. She has cute fat lips, and we could see her eyebrows, eyelashes and she has super long fingers.  It was a wonderful experience which makes me wish I had had that with my own kids.

After the ultrasound, we went for dinner at this awesome place called the Afghan Horsemen. It was insanely good. A friend of mine had posted something about it on Facebook a few weeks ago and I thought it sounded pretty cool and it turns out they have been around since the 70's and have won tonnes of awards for their food! So...we went and enjoyed a really tasty meal. It was so delicious and even A and D said it was a good call and they were going to go there again for sure. I even came home with some leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!

After dinner, we went back to their place and transferred the pics from the ultrasound to a USB so I could take them home! They are going to burn the DVD for me too which Im super stoked to show the kids cause its pretty darn cool!!!
For are some pics of the ultrasound!!!


Yawning and her eye is open!!!

Really good profile shot...with her foot next to her head!

VOGUE! lol

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These pictures are amazing!!