Monday, November 7, 2011

8 weeks left!!

First off, I want to give a huge shout out to Jeni, a fellow surro blogger, whos blog I probably enjoy the most of all the ones I follow (not that everyones isnt great, but Jeni has a way with words which keeps her blog always interesting, and funny). Anyhow, she just made daddies out of two awesome guys by giving birth to boy girl twins yesturday. So CONGRATS Jeni, Farid and George on the birth of the Gustavo and Milena!! I cant wait to see more pictures of them!!!!

Anyhow....Im 32 weeks! Crazy!

Shes moving around like crazy still. I think she still has lots of room so shes taking advantage!!! Feeling pretty good, but worried about my blood pressure still. Its not that its really THAT high, but it is higher then normal so Im worried about pre-e and then having to go through induction or somthing. I feel really strongly that intervention leads to more intervention and I would like to avoid an induction which could end up leading to c-section. I just dont want that. Ive started taking calcium mag in hopes to help with the bp but I think its kinda too late really. Anyhow...heres my 32 week pic! At last appointment I had only gained 10lbs...I might have gained a couple more, but not much.

On another 10 year old daughter was chosen as the LEAD in the school play/choir concert!!! I am so excite for her!!! What a proud mommy moment for sure!!!

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Krystal said...

Lookin' good girlie! Not much longer to go! And I hope the BP gets under control...I know all too well about that scariness! :/