Tuesday, November 22, 2011

34 weeks

Holy smokes! 34 weeks!!! Its amazing that just 1 year ago, my IPs and I met...and here we are, 6 weeks from having a baby!!!

I am feeling ok. Tired (but thats been about the theme of this pregnancy) and sore still with the sciatic pain.. She is sitting right on my pelvic bone and so when she has the hiccups, I feel it all through my pelvic and butt area lol. Its a little annoying lol. She does like to press her butt up into my ribs and so I get a little short of breath when she does that...I find myself then trying to push her back down lol

Little Bunnyhop is still stubborn as heck! Her mom and dad still have not felt her move (of course, as soon as I got home, she got all active). BUT at our midwife appointment today, the student midwife was nice enough to show them how baby was laying, by getting them to feel around my belly like she was to check position. She showed them where her bum was and they could clearly feel that and all the way along her back. I thought it was cool of her to do that. And she did move a little under her mommys hands but very little. I am measuring 34 so right on target, and I have only gained 19 lbs since the beginning of this journey...I think thats pretty good since I gained 25 in my last 2 pregnancies!!! My urine was good, but with trace amounts of protein and my blood pressure, which I had been worried about, the midwife was comfortable with at 118/80. Its been fluctuating up and down so she wasnt worried about it and had no concerns which is good...and will likely put me more at ease.  Dec 6 we go for an appointment at the hospital to go over things....the rooming situation, what happens in the event of a c-section etc. Im feeling pretty good so far about how things will go. Of course, we dont know how labor will progress, but Im really hoping to labor at home for a good deal of time, then head to the hospital...leaving enough time for their family to come but also to not be stuck there all the live long day (I hate those hospital beds). Next appointment is also on the 6th, where Ill have my Group B swab...fingers crossed its negative (my other three pregnancies were) as I would really like NOT to be hooked up to IV for antibiotics.

Anyhow...heres a video of her moving around last week...and my 34 week belly pic!!! I sent the video
to her mom and dad....they thought it was crazy!

34 week belly


Carla said...

things are nicely as you as well. It is crazy all this is almost over for us! Wondering what kind of emotions I will have after delivery. Take care.

Jeni said...

Wow! Time is flying by! Love the belly pic and video! Can't wait to hear how labor goes! :)

Krystal said...

Man, time has flown by! You look great and I love the vid! Not much longer :)