Sunday, August 14, 2011 my fam damily!

 So I thought it was high time I made mention of the support and love Ive been getting through this journey. I am very fortunate that I have not had any ....NONE whatsoever, negative comments made about being a surrogate. My mom apparently had one person say that it was a selfish thing to do...why dont the IP's just adopt with so many kids who need adopting. But thats it. And thankfully that comment wasnt made to me because I would have torn a strip off that person :)

Pretty much everyone in my life has known from before the transfer that I was doing this. But I was amazed when last night, I was at a wedding, and all my "aunts and uncles" came up to me and said they thought it was wonderful what I was doing. I didnt even know they all knew lol
I should back up here a bit and tell you about my family. I have an older brother whos been supportive of my journey. My mom has a brother and sister....her brother lives far far away and has a few kids, who I have never met (have them on FB though and try to get to know my cousins through that). My aunt has 5 kids and for the most part, were somewhat close....some times are better then others lol. But we keep in touch with each other and have grown up with each other.
Now my dad is the youngest of 6 and most have kids but not all. They are all older then me by a fair amount (some of my cousins could probably be my parent lol) And some of them have kids who have kids. Some are close, some are not. We all live in different places but when we get together (which isnt often) its like we just saw each other. I havent talked to many of them, but my parents have and Im sure they all know about this and the ones that I know know, have showed their support too.
This brings me to my chosen family. My dad has worked for a bakery for many many MANY years (like 40). And through working there, he met a wonderful Dutch, Catholic family, the Kouwenhovens. Grandma and Grandpa had 9 kids and they all have 2 or 3 kids each. I call this, my "chosen family". At a young age, I basically barged my way into the family lol. While we already spent lots of time with them and felt a part of this great family, I made sure I was a part of it and asked if I could call Grandma and Grandpa, Grandma and Grandpa! At my wedding, at least 5 tables, were just of Kouwenhovens lol. They out numbered mine and Miles family put together lol. Being a very Catholic family, their religious views greatly differ from my parents and mine, but we have never been made to feel anything other then welcome and loved into the family. Being a surrogate, I didnt really know how they would feel about it...considering the Catholic views on procreation. But yesturday at my cousins wedding, I was so happy when people came up and said they thought it was wonderful what Im means a lot to have their support.

So in saying all that. Thanks to blood family, my chosen family and my friends....for your support in this journey. It means a lot that you are all behind me in this. You dont know how much it means to feel the love and support through this. Im sure there will be a time where I will really need it....and I know you will be there for me!

I would like to share some pics from the wedding!!!  It was held at the Fort Langley Historical Site. An actual fort. Very cool venue. I imagine their photos will be amazing!! Thanks Bear and Andrea for having us at your special day!!! It was truly beautiful!!!

The Beautiful bride Andrea and Groom Jeremy

Carriage ride.

Thats right...this is what I ate lol and it was local
organic and free range....and delicious!!!
Beautiful flowers

My parents and us

My little family.

Waited all night for Black Betty....reliving air guitar from my wedding lol
Cousins Leah and Jeanine and uncle Paul gettin down lol

Not all the cousins made it in...but this is a good bunch of them!

Bride and groom having a dance.

Place setting and favour....homemade jam.
Had some in our PB&J sandwich for lunch today! Delish!

Yes...thats right. There was a fire pit!!! And there was S'mores!

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