Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well...ultrasound went well today...but unfortunately the MOA who booked the appointment, was a total tool. I specifically said that we wanted to find out the gender and so we had to make an appointment for 20 weeks and she said "Oh no, we can tell you at 19 weeks" so, thats what I booked for. Well, yah, they wont tell you before 20 weeks. So, after all that, we still do not know the gender of the baby. Its very dissapointing. Looks like we will schedule a 4D privately instead.
Babe is measuring right on dates, and everything looks great. Brain development, heart, everything was great.
Here are some pictures...I took pictures of the pics lol on my phone. So the quality is crappy. The first one looks like The Scream painting LOL.  Face shot with he/she yawning lol

Kinda front...babe is looking down but head on

Little foot!

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Krystal said...

Sucks that you didn't get to find out the gender :( But that 1st photo is pretty funny!