Wednesday, December 21, 2011

38 weeks and counting!

So we are 38 weeks and still pregnant lol. We told miss bunnyhop that she needs to come on the 23rd....and if she doesnt come then, then she has to wait until the 26th or 27th lol

And there are a few reasons why the 23rd would work. A) Its not Christmas!!! B) Hopefully this would mean I would be in labor on the Thursday, which means Im done work lol C) The midwife we would like to deliver is on call D) A will have her work finished up for the holidays and D will have finished his job and doesnt start his new one until 10 days him 10 days to be at home with momma and babe! and E) since they are done work, they can be packed and ready at A's parents which is much closer to me then where they live. So....hopefully she heard  her momma and I telling her to come on Friday!!! Lets just say, that I will be doing what I can between now and then, to get things started (aka: spicy food, walking walking and walking....and a romp or 2 in the sack with the hubby lol)

We had our midwife appointment tonight and my BP was holding steady at where it has been. The midwife said it looks like for now, this is my new normal so we are content to just wait....geesh, kinda feels like the classic surrogacy "hurry up and wait" phase again!!! lol Ive gained 1 pound this week, putting my total weight gain at 21lbs and while babe measured 38 last week shes measuring 38 this week and I know her head is down further cause sitting down sometime requires spreading my legs more lol so shes definitely measuring fine.Still moving like she was 10 weeks ago so thats good (well, good in the sense that shes healthy, bad in the sense that she does it more when I have braxton hicks contractions making things VERY tight lol). Speaking of these BH....I never had them with my own pregnancies so its so weird having them this time! My belly gets so tight and then its like babe says "wait a minute! Your crampin my style here uterus!" and she proceeds to push her ass out so Im lopsided (since she likes to lay on one side). Since this happens so frequently, Im sure I have a bit of a bruised rib lol Little bugger!

Anyhow...since there is nothing new to report Ill leave you with some pictures a friend of my took. Hopefully A and D dont read this (I actually have not asked if they do, but they have never mentioned it) cause Im framing one as a Christmas present to them!!

Oh and on a final note....amazing fellow surrogate Jeni has started a Facebook page dedicated to being "a place where people can learn, gain support and share about all the beautiful ways families are created". Like her page! 

I think this is my favorite!

I have this in black and white too and will be framing it

Love this photo!!!


Carla said...

cool pics! Hang in there! Soon, that baby will be here!

Jeni said...

I really like the bunnyhop one...would love to see how that one came out in black and white!

I'm putting out some positive energy for delivery on the 23rd! :)

Thanks for the plug, BTW! Very sweet of you!

paradykes said...

I love these pictures! I hope that you get your wish and deliver on Friday! Have you talked to your midwife about anything herbal you can use to help? I know Clary Sage essential oil is what we used in the birth of our daughter to help Ashs labor along and there were others things that the midwife had suggested to help it along.

Carla said...

Thinking of you. Are you at the hospital or home with the fam?