Monday, December 12, 2011

Still pregnant! lol

Yep...tomorrow will be 37 weeks and Bunnyhop and I are still hanging out together. I am coming down with a cold now which really pisses me off because the last thing I want at this point, is a cold. Really! I mean, the whole pregnancy, not sick at all...and now, right at the end, when I could go into labor ANY time, I get a cold?!?! WTF?! Seriously?! Not cool mother nature!!! Not cool at all!!!  I could handle getting sick if it were not for the sore throat. Thats really the worst. Bunnyhops mom is also sick so maybe its the universe making us in tune with each other lol

Other then that, how am I feeling? Pretty good for the most part. Tired of course, and ready for this little one to make her debut. I feel ready. I picked up some cinnamon cramp tea to be brewed for when Ive delivered (it helped so much last time with the cramping pain) and have been thinking about the things I want to take to the hospital. While my plan has been to labor at home for a while (like a long while lol) I think Ill end up in the hospital earlier since I cant imagine people in my house right now in the state it is in lol. Ive had the nesting feeling, but none of the energy to actually do any cleaning and god knows my kids and hubby dont do much (unless I freak out and I dont have the energy for that either). So since I see myself being in the hospital longer, I would like to get a bag together to make things more comfortable. I think Ill get that together tomorrow so that its ready for Tuesday, in case my BP is up and I end up being induced. I feel like she could come anytime, but since I keep thinking shes not going to make it till Christmas, shes probably going to be late if Im not induced lol Lets hope not. While I know her mom and dad would like a little more time, what a precious Christmas gift it would be if she came before and got to be with her family for the holidays?!!

Tonight I had my work Christmas party and we were to wear our best ugly Christmas sweater. It was a blast! I didnt win any prizes but I think I had a pretty good sweater! Hope you like the pictures!

Kids decorating the tree

Me and my ugly sweater! (There are snowflakes on it too)

37 week HUGE belly!

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