Saturday, December 24, 2011

No news lol

Sill pregnant! She was welcome to come up until, shes not welcome to come until after boxing day lol. In a way I'm kinda happy she didn't come yesterday after all, since today I have a butt load of thing to do to get ready for Christmas. Although all the housework I'm doing, could put me in labor lol Lets hope not! I would like to be home tomorrow, enjoying breakfast with my hubby, kids and parents, opening up gifts, and lounging until we have to venture out to my aunts place for dinner. Usually we have Christmas dinner here at our place, but my aunt is having it at her place this year so that I don't have to being that I'm hugely preggers!!!

Getting lots of braxton hicks, and she has definitely moved down further. I walked into work yesterday and a co-workers jaw dropped to the ground...she had never seen anyone drop so much. Imagine if she had seen me the night before (she had the night before off) cause I actually dropped more over night and even those that I worked with both days were like, yah, you've dropped more since yesterday lol. My boss has me on the schedule next week. Im assuming I wont be there lol but Ill keep working until I cant.

Anyhow....just wanted to quickly update since Im sure a couple people might want to know lol I am still in fact pregnant and looking forward to having Christmas with my family and not in the hospital!

From my family to yours, I hope you all have a really wonderful Christmas and Blessed Yule filled with love, family and magical moments!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Madison, Juli and Braelyn

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Carla said...

Thanks for the update! ;) Have a great holiday.