Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well...36 weeks and lots to report

So...we are 36 weeks and had our midwife appointment today. As I have been suspecting, my blood pressure was up...144/92....since 140/90 is the "magic number" for diagnosing hypertension, there was some concern. After our midwife appointment, we were actually heading to the hospital to meet with the hospital staff/nurses/manager/social worker to go over the logistics of a surrogate birth (this will be the first one at our hospital). Since they dont diagnose hypertension with just one high reading, my midwife wanted the other midwife to test my BP again when we met at the hospital.

There were 8 of us together in a little room to discuss things. We felt pretty good leaving there after having had a tour of the whole ward, having all our questions asked and being put at ease that they want to make sure that the experience is what we are looking for. Overall, I would say we were very pleased with how the meeting went. After the meeting we went and tested my urine again (it was fine in the morning...but had trace of protein this time) and test my BP which thankfully came down to where it has been sitting at.

So...for now, we wait. Last week I did have a dizzy spell and headache and went to see the midwife to make sure things were ok and they were so she was fine waiting until todays appointment. Since we are meeting weekly now, unless I get any other symptoms, we will wait until next week and see where we are. If at next weeks appointment, my BP is high again, I will be sent for bloodwork and have my liver and kidney function tested. If things are abnormal, they will consult with an OB who will then decide what we should do next...likely, induction. So...this baby could really come any time now. Ive been feeling lately that we wont make it until Christmas and I think todays events kinda just solidified what I have been thinking for a while.

Well...thats it for now! I have to upload a couple pics so when I do, Ill post them! Keep your fingers crossed that we can keep this baby Bunnyhop in my belly for at least another week, preferably 2!!!!

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Krystal said...

I know all to well about high BP during the later part of the pregnancy. I'm hoping everything goes well next time you get checked and you're able to keep that baby baking for a few more weeks!