Monday, July 18, 2011

Still...nothing new lol

But its been weeks since I last posted so I thought it was time. 16 weeks now...CRAZY!! I am still feeling baby move, but just flutters still, and not all that often. I wish that I had more of an indication that Im pregnant, but apart from being tired and the round ligament pains (which sucks by the way), there is nothing to indicate Im pregnant so for the piece of mind, I with I could feel more lol But, at least Im feeling it and it is getting more and more by the day (a couple of times Ive felt a pretty good thump).

I had the most hilarious and weird dream the other night. Of all the weird happenings in the dream, I'll just take away from it, that perhaps it was telling me the gender of the baby lol. Ok, so I end up at the hospital (by myself by the way, and for who knows what reason) and end up having a c section (no one knew I was at the hospital). RIGHT after having the baby (and I mean, right after....the baby was still in the warmer in the delivery room) I was dressed and ready to drive my friend somewhere. So, I drive her to where shes going and quickly said that I had to get back to the hospital so I could be with the baby until the IPs got there, who by the way, didnt even know their baby was born. On the way back, Im walking past a coffee shop and see my IM outside and I stop and inform her that she had a baby girl and that I was headed back to the hospital, to which she replied "thats unfortunate" (and I dont think she meant its unfortunate shes a mom, but that she wasnt there) and asked me to call the IF (weird since I would have thought she would have wanted to tell him lol). Then says she will see me at the hospital. So I get back and see baby...and baby is asian LOL I should mention, my IPs are NOT asian and neither is their egg donor LOL. Yah...a f-d up dream thats for sure!

We have a midwife appointment coming up on the 25th and an ultrasound on Aug 8. Very excited because we are hoping to find out the sex of the baby.  Perhaps with it not being my husbands, I am pregnant with a boy lol Although, the weird dream says otherwise lol
I will be taking a picture of me sometime this week...I have a small bump now (which is bigger then it would otherwise be at this point, since I still have lots of chub from 3 pregnancies)..

Ok...I took the pic today lol here it is! (Sorry for the shadow around me)

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