Saturday, April 27, 2013

We went to Disneyland...and more stuff! lol

Hello? Is anyone out there?

I know its been a really long time. Essentially, I haven't really had much to say (I know nothing to say). But I really haven't. At least, nothing interesting.

Since I last wrote, Hazel has turned a year old. So hard to believe that she is already at this point 16 months old. We met at the Cactus Club...the place where it all started! If you recall, Cactus is where A & D and Miles and I first met. It was where we all realized, we were meant to meet each other. Funny enough, Cactus has life long memories for me. Its flagship restaurant is in the town I grew up in and I went their often. It was the place I had my first bowl of broccoli and cheese soup that spiked my love affair of the dish. I have an original cow decoration (paper it when they changed their decor from cow to more contemporary one. Its where I had my first "legal" beverage (I had been drinking there a couple years and our regular server had no idea I wasnt of age, until I told him it was my 19th birthday lol) then I met A & D and started my surrogacy journey and finally, got to celebrate my surro babes 1st birthday. I really enjoyed our are some pictures from that day.

A couple weeks ago, Miles and I surprised our three girls with a trip to Disneyland. It had been 3 years of saving and months of planning but we were able to keep our vacation to ourselves, before revealing the big surprise on monday when we woke them up nice and early, and made them do a puzzle saying "were going to Disney". It was an awesome trip (even though Braelyn complained the entire time about every ride "does it go fast?" "does it go in water?" " does it go up high?" She might as well have asked if it moved cause she didnt want to go on most of the rides. Grrrrrr. Either way, it was still a blast and seeing Disneyland through the girls eyes was a lot different then the adult eyes Ive seen Disney through. Here are a few pics!

Fell asleep from the airport to the hotel lol
Mickey ears a must!

Breakfast at Goofys Kitchen

They asked us if we were celebrating anything and it was our
anniversary so they gave us this!

In Mickeys House

One of the rare times Braelyn was truly smiling!

Bart burped and then blew his burp, in my face...then laughed ha haa

On Jurassic Park

This is the other time she was truly happy lol

Star Wars
Just me

Goofys Kitchen as well

So cute

Juli, very very upset that she is too small for this ride :

So this week I had to go to Vancouver for some first aid training.and figured I would text A to see if they wanted to meet for dinner. I was super stoked when she said yes!! We met at White Spot (cause thats about the only place they can take Hazel without a disaster....woohoo is she feisty! lol) And heres a picture from our dinner:

Pure sweetness right there! all my surro sisters out there...anyone reading this. Are you looking at finding new IPs? I have a great couple for you. I know a couple of guys who have been put through quite the ringer over the past few years while on their quest to have a baby. They finally are expecting one bean but were hoping to have another surro ready to go any time as they want at least 2, very close together. These guys are really great....and I would LOVE to carry for them. But I am committed to A & D for a sibling journey this year so I cant. But believe me....if after the sib journey, if they havent have their dream of another baby fulfilled, I will be knocking on their door. Anyone would be lucky to carry a baby for Y & Y and I would feel very blessed to carry for them. So...if you, or someone you know, would be interested in learning more, let me know! They live here in Vancouver and I think the would love a surro not terribly far away. 

Anyhow...thanks for tuning in. Hopefully by the end of the year...Ill have a heck of a lot more to say as I will be back to taking meds and getting knocked up!


Carla said...

so good to see a post from you! Glad you are well!

Doug and Bill said...

What a great Disney trip. And I have to say, props to you for the shout out for Y & Y who've had a rough go at having a baby. Having been down that difficult road before, I just thought it was super special that you want to help them. Thanks for being an advocate for gay couples raising children. YOU ROCK...oh, and we still LOVE LOVE LOVE our Uppababy stroller :-) Thank you!

Rosie Mason said...

You have a wonderful family. Enjoying your trip. I just love your blog! It has wonderful posts and i read them some of them are really awesome. Please keep posting. Thanks

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