Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lovin Life!!! Part 1

I havent written for a bit and yet I have lots to post! 

So I thought I would steal an idea from my friend Jeni over here on her blog. She had her daughters create a blog post, about what they thought of their family's surrogacy journey. So...I had my eldest daughter Maddie, write about her thoughts on our fams journey. So, here she is folks. My wonderful daughter, who I am very proud of. Shes a really great kid, thoughtful and kind and helpful. Shes a pretty awesome kid.

I also have some pictures to post so after the below post written by Maddie, please, keep reading, because theres more in the next one!!

Hi, my name is Madison. I would like to talk about the journey my mom went through and how I felt. When my mom first asked my sister Braelyn and I, if it would be ok for her to become surrogate I first asked what it was. She had said it was when a women carries a baby for someone who can't have a one. I was amazed at what my mother said she wanted to do. "Yes!" I had said. I was so excited. A little while later we had met A and D and they had brought A's parents. We had a great dinner and they were all very nice. When my mom went to Seattle to get the embryo transfer, I would think to myself 'Wow. It's really happening. The baby that would one day make A and D very happy was being placed into my mother at this very second.' When my mother finally came home she showed us the picture of the embryo. The picture showed it to be be green so my first reaction was 'This baby so far is my favorite colour.' Later on, when the baby was big enough to kick, my mother had taped the kicks and sent them to A and D which I thought was very, very kind of my mom to do. When the baby was finally ready to be born, I had no idea because I was asleep. Later when the baby was born we went to the hospital. I was the first child who got to hold Hazel Grace Prinsen Naples. She was the cutest thing I had ever seen. When they took her away to give to my sister I wasn't pleased. She was that cute to me. I walked out of the hospital very, very happy to see Hazel and to see A and D so happy. Every time my mom shows me the picture of A catching her own baby, I want to cry. In conclusion I think surrogacy is an amazing thing to do. Not just to make the person your doing it for happy but to make you and your family happy. I think what my mom did was amazing and A and D are amazing. I would like to be a surrogate when I grow up.              


Jeni said...

Madison, I love your post! Very well written! It made me smile and it also made my eyes get teary. It's very special to know that children feel proud of their surrogacy journey. Well done!

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