Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lovin Life!!! Part 2

Ok...prepare for photo overload!!!! Seriously! Sine there are so many photos, I wont spend a lot of time writing lol Not much has happened lately other then the fact that I seem to be working non stop! Its probably for the best that I am, being that it looks like were going to have to get a new car...and soon! Otherwise...its trudging along!

We had our family photos taken! And I love them!!! I love how vibrant they are! Im so thrilled I chose to go blue! I hope you like them as much as I do!!!

So.... the family and I met up at this awesome lake near by, with A, D and Hazel!! We had a picnic and the kids went in the lake (I forgot my bathing suit!). It was an awesome afternoon!! Hazel is such a sweetie! We had lots of cuddles and I stood up as high as I could hike my shorts and she splashed and got me soaked but I didnt care! We had a blast!! She was wearing the cutest baby bathing suit EVER! And there is quite the story about how they managed to get it. Too funny.

Of course there are some photos from our afternoon together on a beautiful afternoon at Buntzen Lake!!! The sun was out, the food was great (I made an AMAZING potato salad...seriously, and Im not a big potato salad person...shocking since I LOVE potatoes...ok....a little off track...) and the company was even better!

My family <3 td="td">

Juli Anne

Braelyn Raine
Madison Aileen Ivy

My love and I

I love this one...Juju's face is priceless!

The loves of my proud to be their mom.

Fun and quirky!

And here are pictures from our day together!!!

K...had to.

All of us together....self timer and lighting was terrible by that point!

Sweet Hiz and I

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. I love how the light comes through the hands!!!

K cute is this bathing suit??

Daddy was making faces at her behind me

Oh my goodness....PERFECTION ....the whole picture!

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