Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gender reveal!

First off, I want to send a big shout out to a couple of amazing ladies who recently gave birth to their surro babes! These ladies have just finished their second surrogacies and I am totally in awe of them!
Congrats to you both for doing an amazing job! Check out Carla over here at Gest Another Day  and to Krystal over here at The Journey of Life .

So Im just about 21 weeks now and we had our ultrasound last week. Baby was being stubborn (much like big sister Hazel so huge surprise lol) and wouldnt co-operate with the tech. Turns out Ill have to go back again to see if babe is in better position to get the spine and kidneys. We tried...hard. It was almost 2 hours of trying! After we got what we could, I got up and went pee and then walked around while she took another patient, then went back in and tried again to see if babe moved. Oh, well babe moved alright, into an even LESS than ideal position! lol was determined that I would have to come back. I may have mentioned before that I thought maybe the placenta may be posterior because I didnt feel baby moving as early and as much as I normally would...and I was right. Its posterior and  to the left side of me. Make sense cause all the kicks and punches I feel are on the right side.

She called A, D and Hazel into the room (by this point Hazel was DONE....she was past her bedtime and had been in a waiting room for 2 hours). But, thankfully she sat on the bed nicely and watched while the tech showed mom and dad their baby and the parts. We get down to the bottom and she points out the two legs and to the middle area and says "theres the gender". A says "Whats there???" and the tech says "Nothing!" We all start laughing our asses off....we thought for sure this baby was a boy but nope...ITS A GIRL!!!!! D seemed a little disappointed but of course, he is still happy. I said I thought A looked a little disappointed too but she was just in so much shock that she looked stunned! EVERYONE in both our lives, thought it was a boy...except for A's dad...he thought it was a girl. I cant even believe that its another girl. Seriously! Am I not allowed to carry boys?? lol 5th girl!!!! Too funny!!!

Anyhow, here are the latest pics! The two at the bottom should be at the top....but I couldnt move them for some reason, so they are at the bottom lol

18 weeks

19 weeks

20 weeks

20 weeks ultrasound side view

20 week ultrasound 

Hazel and I at the ultrasound

May 13th at lunch after the midwives
Hazel, A and I May 13th after lunch


Carla said...

Thanks for the support! SO glad to see a new post! Hope you are well.

Suraj Tiwari said...

good to hear that soon you will be mummy of three daughter..thanks for sharing your of luck ; Thailand surrogacy