Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hurry up...and wait!

That pretty much sums it up at this point! lol

I got the call from the fertility clinic yesturday and had my telephone interview. It went well and the surrogacy nurse, Paula, is super nice...we even share the same last name lol. I seemed to pass everything no problem with the only concern being my weight...but I am still within the BMI that is acceptable. I am however back on a health kick. I really want to be at my healthiest for this impending pregnancy. Ive been going back to the gym ( I LOVE LOVE LOVE ZUMBA) and eating healthy. So Im not too worried...I should lose some weight before this really gets going.

So now....A is calling the clinics in Seattle to figure out the egg donor thing so we can get a better idea of a time line. Once thats going, we can set up an appointment for us to all go in for a consult and an orientation and Ill have a hysto um somthing LOL Hystoscopy? Im still getting used to all the lingo lol. Anyhoo, there gunna go take a look around, make sure theres a good place for the embyro and all that. They will be starting me on birth control to regulate my cycle and we will get going!

Yesturday was the first day it really felt real. Even A said the same thing, as she also talked to Paula yesturday so its starting to feel real to her too I think. We were emailing and in once sentance, June and pregnant were mentioned and we were both like WOW!  Im really looking forward to Monday when A and I meet up for dinner again.

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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