Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well...I passed the first screening and the Doc gave the green light to proceed! YAY!!! A has contacted the clinics in the states and she thinks they have decided on which one to go with! Double YAY!

So now its a whirlwind of things happening. I have to have my own check up at my dr...then have a hystoroscopy done....we all have to have an orientation and stuff at the clinic...and since my passports expired, I have to get that done. I decided Im just going to get the enhanced drivers licence though...easier and Im not planning on going anywhere other then across the border by land so I dont need my passport right now. So I have an appointment for that on monday. Dr on Friday. Its all getting done.

I have a cold right now...looking forward to when thats over! And Ive been going to bed early, waking up early, eatting right and going to the gym. I feel pretty good...other then the cold.

Im so excited! A and I went for dinner last week and talked a bunch more. We both feel really good about this. Im so looking forward to this pregnancy with their baby...seeing their reactions when they hear his or her heartbeat for the first time... see him or her on the ultrasound...and when they have their baby in their arms!!! It feels like its happening!!! Aparently the clinic said that in a year, they could be holding their baby...which means, I could be pregnant in about 2 months! WOOHOO!!!

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